1. Deepak Shetty says

    The thing that frustrates me about Conservatives in general , is that , even after all this , it still works in their favor. See ? Government is untrustworthy and un reliable ! We shouldnt have Government in charge of anything -like healthcare ! or environmental regulations! or any regulations! We should just have the big companies do it.
    They wreck trust in Governance and say , see we told you so .

  2. SchreiberBike says

    #1 Right. Conservatives believe that bad good government is good government and good government is bad government. If there’s something working and helping the people (NHS?), make it worse so people don’t believe the government can do anything right. Johnson is a perfect PM; he can’t do anything right.

  3. outis says

    And still you’ll have people voting Tory all the way. I mean, after this little ****show that party should have disappeared completely from the political scene, its members hiding in their cellars (or deeper) forever and ever. But no… anything rather than voting for “communists”, even a Boris or a Patel or a Frost will do.
    “Man the rational animal”: well scratch that…

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