We need more such confrontations

As usual Ted Cruz, by far the largest recipient of gun lobby contributions, came out with his usual rubbish about feeling the grief of parents and he was confronted by reporters who asked why it is only in America that these mass shooting occur with such frequency.

He terminated the interview.

The NRA is scheduled to meet this weekend in Houston and demonstrators are expected to be there in force. Cruz is of course going to attend the NRA meeting and he will be met with this cardboard cutout.

I hope that every politician is constantly confronted whenever they appear in public by reporters, parents, and students demanding that they take action to stop these massacres. They may decide to forego public appearances which will be difficult for people like Cruz since they love the media spotlight.


  1. Pierce R. Butler says

    They may decide to forego public appearances …

    They’ll always find a warm welcome at False Noise.

  2. says

    Irony — guns are banned at the NRA convention.

    You’re talking about people who only care about number one, which perfectly explains the venality and hypocrisy.

    (or, as Frank Zappa sang about them “They just takes care of NUMBER ONE, and number one ain’t you, you ain’t even number two” -- The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing)

  3. Reginald Selkirk says

    In that video, Cruz talks vaguely of Democratic solutions not being good. But do the Republicans even have anything to offer?

  4. jrkrideau says

    Mark Stone, US correspondent for Sky News
    Sky news is not noted for its editorial bravery. Good for Stone.

    As a Canadian, I am very glad Cruz renounced his citizenship and is now the US’s bit of garbage. My sympathy USA, but he is yours now.

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