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True freedom loving Merkins who see wearing masks during a pandemic as a horrendous violation of their rights should patronize this place where all the precious freedoms of everyone are respected.


  1. blf says

    Customers, of course, can make their own choice whether or not to pay, how much to pay, and whether or not to charge a fee for eating (or not eating) there (or somewhere else) — getting sick or dying is an additional fee, albeit the cafe may decide to convert that into an extra charge. Gee, isn’t this me-and-only-me approach fun?

    (Yes, I realise what is shown in the OP is some (rather good) snarking.)

  2. consciousness razor says

    Jörg, #2:
    I don’t know about where you live, but at least in my experience, all sorts of nasty/unsafe shit does happen in some restaurants. By the end of the second paragraph (no earlier!), I could tell it was a joke because it was printed in a newspaper.* But if this were just a description of what’s happening behind the scenes, without that very helpful context, I would not hesitate to believe every word.

    *Not only because newspaper publishing as a whole is a bit of a joke these days. But probably some of that too.

  3. Steven Erickson says

    @4 Marcus Ranum
    It depends on the relative ability of your lawyers to defend you in court and their lawyers to seek compensation from you. The ultimate libertarian dream is to have no rules except the litigation of harm after the fact.

  4. Jörg says

    consciousness razor:

    I don’t know about where you live


    … without that very helpful context, I would not hesitate to believe every word.

    Capitalism at its finest!

  5. says

    Jörg @2, if the internet has taught me anything, regardless of political leanings there is a LARGE number of people who don’t get sarcasm or jokes. I see it all the time on Twitter but it it really is everywhere.

  6. Jörg says

    Tabby Lavalamp @#10:

    regardless of political leanings …

    Sadly, many pupils didn’t or don’t seem to have parents and teachers that foster curiosity and critical thinking from early childhood on. I got lucky in that regard.

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