Great moments in crime

A porch thief gets caught in the act and tries to run away quickly but his car gets stuck in the snow. While he frantically tries to remove the snow from under tires in order to regain traction, the homeowners struggle to figure out how to call the police while giving advice to the man on how to free the car from the snow, such as pointing out that clearing snow from under the rear wheels is pointless because it is a front-wheel drive car, and even offering him a shovel. Did I mention that this took place in Canada?

What shocked me was that the man kept the engine running and the car in gear (since the wheels were still spinning) while kneeling in front of the car to clear the snow with his bare hands. If he had been successful, the car would have run him over.

If this should happen to you, one thing you can try is take a floor mat from your car and wedge it under the wheel that’s spinning.

At least the thief was wearing a mask, so that is one point in his favor of not being a total doofus.

(Via Rob Beschizza)


  1. Ichthyic says

    nope. the mat would not have helped. the undercarriage of the car was the thing that was stuck, and given the speed he hit it with, he would have heavily compressed the snow at that point as well. that car was good and stuck. you have to dig underneath the middle of it with a shovel, or tow it off.

    still, this was so hilarious I just had to add this to my archives, under the simple tag of “Canada”.

  2. Matt G says

    Given that it’s Canada, I’m sure the mask was a COVID precaution, not to hide his identity.

  3. jrkrideau says

    @ Matt G
    Back in June a friend and I were discussing the fact that holdups at local dépanneurs had not gone up even though everyone was wearing a mask in the stores.

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