Just go, already

If he wanted Trump, even after everything he has done to undermine the election, could have had a dignified farewell. All he had to do was agree to the minimal requirements of an outgoing president such as meet with the new president on the morning of the inauguration, accompany him to the ceremony, and then leave on the presidential helicopter to Florida or wherever.

But no, he continues to sulk. It looks like his current plan is to leave a few hours earlier. But at the same time he loves the pomp that came with his office and pretending to be a military tough guy so he wants to have a military-style send-off. But that is not working out too well.

Eager for a final taste of the pomp of being president, Trump has asked for a major send-off on Inauguration Day next week, according to people familiar with the matter, before one last presidential flight to Palm Beach.

As one of their final acts, Trump’s team is working to organize a crowd to see him off on the morning of Biden’s inauguration, when he plans to depart Washington while still president and is expecting a major send-off.

Trump told people he did not like the idea of departing Washington for a final time as an ex-president, flying aboard an airplane no longer known as Air Force One. He also did not particularly like the thought of requesting the use of the plane from Biden, according to a person familiar with the matter.

But it appears that the military is not enthused about being props in his send-off and have declined to participate.

Trump’s approval ratings have been cratering in the last week and he will leave office with the lowest value during his term of office.

So now we are going to see him slink off in disgrace, just like he deserves.

Stephen Colbert is very happy to see Trump go.


  1. Tethys says

    The residents of Palm Beach are already getting ready to sue him if he attempts to live in Mar-A-Lago. (Sorry, I have no idea which news channel had the story)

    Apparently the legal agreement does not allow members to use the hotel for more than 21 days a year, and that includes Donny and Melania.

  2. Tethys says

    I do like to imagine a U.S. General offering to give him a 21 gun salute send off that includes a wall, blindfold, and live ammunition.

  3. JM says

    I expect another reason for his leaving before Biden’s inauguration is to get some air time. Originally they had been planned to overlap and it felt like Trump was trying to steal some of Biden’s thunder and media coverage. Somebody must have pointed out to Trump that there is no way he gets the news channels to cut away from the inauguration to cover him leaving. With leaving early he will get at least some air time for his getting on Air Force One the last time.

  4. ardipithecus says

    Another possible reason is that if he waits too long, and he ceases to be president while still in the air, they’d probably push him out right then.

  5. billseymour says

    I just got a fun idea.  When I was in the Air Force back in the late ”60s, we still had a bunch of C-47s (the military version of the DC-3).  I even flew in one from Korea to Japan on my way to being discharged in March of 1970.

    Are there still any of those around?  Trump could be told that he was being given the special honor of flying in a “classic aircraft;” and if the flight happens before noon when he’s still the president, it would be designated Air Force One.

  6. Mano Singham says

    blf @#9,

    I like the Yakety Sax idea. I hope someone sets video of his leaving to that music.

  7. John Morales says

    Mano to blf, 🙂

    I hope someone sets video of his leaving to that music.

    My family watched a lot of Benny Hill when I was a young lad.

    For the proper effect, the video would best be sped up.

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