Even Fox News is having a hard time with nutty Republican congresspersons

Even Fox News host Neil Cavuto is having a hard time dealing with the idiocy of Trump-supporting Republican congresspeople like Andy Biggs of Arizona who are angry that the infectious disease specialists on the Coronavirus Task Force like Anthony Fauci and Dobroah Birx, who are issuing warnings about the need to take measures to combat the resurgence, are contradicting Trump’s relentless and evidence-free upbeat assertions about how well things are going. Biggs says that Fauci and Birx don’t know what they are talking about because they do not deal directly with patients and should be fired and the Task Force dismantled.

He is saying these things just as Arizona is one the states experiencing the worst rise in cases, when it needs all the best expert advice it can get.


  1. Matt G says

    Fox helped create the modern Republican Party. They have a lot to answer for, and deserve no sympathy whatsoever.

  2. says

    That’s simple. For breathing, the neocortex is not needed. Just the brainstem which has just about 2.6% of a normal brain’s weight, and works even in a Biggs. 😉

  3. ardipithecus says

    Arizona had and has the best medical advice. Hasn’t done ’em any good. They seem to have overlooked that one actually has to follow it.

  4. jenorafeuer says

    As others have pointed out, Fox News has usually been at least marginally connected to reality, even if they spin it relentlessly. This is in contrast to the Opinion shows like Fox & Friends, which wouldn’t recognize the truth even in the rare occasions they’re facing towards it. Pretty much all of the anti-Trump commentary on Fox has been from their actual News team.

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