And now, the Cleveland Indians think of a name change

After the announcement yesterday that the Washington DC football team (under strong pressure from public opinion and their sponsors and advertisers) is ‘considering’ changing the name of their team, the Cleveland Indians baseball team also reports that it is ‘considering’ a name change, something that has been demanded from them for the longest time but they have refused, insisting in the face of evidence to the contrary that the name and the racist mascot of Chief Wahoo were meant to honor Native Americans. While Wahoo was removed from team uniforms a few years ago, it remained on the merchandise that is sold to baseball fans.

While both teams have only said they are ‘considering’ name changes, that is likely just face-saving language because to later announce they are retaining the names would cause another round of negative publicity. I think the changes are a done deal with the only question being what the new names will be.

I notice that the football team majority Dan Snyder, who liked to play the tough guy and delight in thumbing his nose at those who wanted the change and enjoy the attention it brought him, is still in hiding and has not spoken publicly to the media about this reversal, leaving it to team spokespersons to issues statements about his capitulation. That is always the case with people like that.


  1. Matt G says

    Yeah right, the name is meant to honor Native Americans. These bigots lie so easily.

  2. says

    As that article says and many have mentioned, Cleveland already has several good options for names that are “new” but still have history with the city and the team. The same goes for Atlanta, not wanting to change to Hammers.

    Keep dragging the heels who keep dragging their heels.

  3. larpar says

    How about the Cleveland Rockers. A natural tie in to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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