Larry David on Bernie Sanders

The irascible Larry David who plays the irascible Larry David on the sitcom Curb Your Enthusiasm also has a recurring guest role playing an irascible Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Appearing on Stephen Colbert’s show, he talked about what a Sanders presidency would mean for him. Colbert told him that Sanders would be coming on his show the next night and asked him if he had any message he wanted to give him.

“I would say, I would beg him to drop out so I don’t have to keep flying in from Los Angeles to do SNL,” David answered. “I thought when he had the heart attack that would be it, I wouldn’t have to fly in from Los Angeles. But, you know, he’s indestructible. Nothing stops this man!”

“If he wins, do you know what that’s going to do to my life?” he added. “Do you have any idea? I mean, it will be great for the country—great for the country. Terrible for me.”


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