Facebook destroys everything it touches

It coaxes companies to switch to its platform using highly inflated metrics and then those companies go bankrupt when the viewership and ad revenues are nowhere near what was promised, throwing people out of work.

Adam Conover, host of the excellent show Adam Ruins Everything, and who used to be on the funny online comedy show College Humor that was one of Facebook’s victims, explains what happened in this Twitter thread and calls for Facebook to be shut down.

As a company, Facebook and tis chief operatives seem to have no ethics whatsoever, as this article also illustrates, where it paid to have an ‘article’ in the magazine Teen Vogue praising it, and then touted the article as a sign of its virtuous behavior.

Everyone knows Facebook is doing the opposite of helping ensure the integrity of the 2020 election, so it makes sense it would pay Teen Vogue to run a fake article titled “How Facebook Is Helping Ensure the Integrity of the 2020 Election.”

When the article ran on Wednesday, Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s machiavellian chief operating officer posted on her Facebook page, “Great Teen Vogue piece about five incredible women protecting elections on Facebook. Since 2016, we’ve worked to stop the spread of misinformation, fight foreign interference and voter suppression, improve transparency, and encourage people to vote.” Lol.

Facebook is an irredeemably corrupt company. No one should have anything to do with it.


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