Shed no tears for Kirstjen Nielsen

The departing head of the Department of Homeland Security, who oversaw and implemented the cruel policy that separated children from their parents and placed them in cages, is following the familiar dual-track path of all fired Trump administration employees: publicly sucking up to Trump so as not to anger his base while leaking to the media that she was actually a restraining force that opposed his vicious policies. She is undoubtedly hoping that the latter will result in her reputation being recovered from the gutter where it currently is.

Don’t buy it.

Immigration lawyer Kate Chaltain recounts the heart-wrenching stories of some of the people who were victimized by Nielsen’s actions and concludes.

These are the consequences of the choice that you made when you did not resign in honorable protest of the family separation policy. Instead, you defended this cruel, immoral, and useless policy before Congress, despite knowing about its abuses. You may try to distance yourself from the choice you made, or perhaps say that it was a choice to follow someone else’s orders, but the fact remains that you made the wrong choice.

Stephen Colbert gives this awful person the appropriate send off


  1. colinday says

    Oh, come on Steve! Voldemort doesn’t play second fiddle, and certainly not to Trump.

  2. deepak shetty says

    I thought Trump and the Republicans were done when the pussy grabbing tape came out. They werent
    Then when this child separation thing happened , I thought well now they are done. They werent
    So tears ?All I can say is Nielsen can go fuck herself and that goes for everyone who voted for these inhumane assholes (Whatever their reasons)

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