1. blf says

    Stephen Colbert on Thai cave rescue: ‘Freeing children makes people like you’:

    Colbert then went on to share some rare good news: that the entire football team trapped in a Thai cave had been rescued. […]

    Meanwhile in the US, immigrant children have still been kept in cages, separated from their families. “Are you listening Mr President? Freeing children makes people like you,” he said.

    Trump was given a deadline to reunite those children who had been taken from their parents yet despite the deadling passing, only 54 out of 102 children had been brought back.

    “These kids would have a better chance of being reunited with their parents if they went spelunking with a Thai soccer coach,” he joked.

  2. Ketil Tveiten says

    The quoted number of returnees is not quite right: *4* have been reunited with their families; the administration claimed that only 50-ish of the 102 were eligible to be considered, because of their parents had committed crimes (allegedly). Hence the 50+4=54.

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