The politics of hostage taking

The story about the children of undocumented immigrants being separated from their parents and being sent to destinations unknown and where reunification becomes difficult for long periods because of the lack of a proper paper trail is bad enough without the additional stories about the abuse suffered by the children while in custody.

Donald Trump, bowing to loud protests generated by the cries of children and their frantic parents, has stopped the policy of separation and will now imprison the families together for long periods of time. But as we have seen, that is only going to set up a new confrontation in the courts within a few weeks. Trump has now also promised to set in motion procedures to reunite the families already separated but one has to take his promises with a huge dollop of salt, especially since cruelty to these families by hostage taking of children is obviously a deliberate policy goal to get funding to build his damn wall.

Samantha Bee gets it right.

Meanwhile, the administration keeps showing utter tone deafness. The latest is Melania Trump going to visit a children’s detention center while wearing a jacket that has printed on its back in large letters the statement, “I really don’t care do u?” There has been some debate as to whether she was making a comment about her attitude to this particular issue, thus making a mockery of her own visit, or whether this was just an unfortunate clothes choice.

But even if it was the latter, what does it say about a person who proudly wears such a sentiment at all? To me it suggests a general sense of dismissiveness, contempt, arrogance, and a world-weary cynicism and I would think less, a lot less, of such a person.

UPDATE: Stephen Colbert comments on the jacket statement.


  1. sonofrojblake says

    I’d think less of someone who’d vote for it. I don’t think I could think less of someone who’d MARRY it.

  2. Pierce R. Butler says

    Reporters need to ask, because the public needs to know:

    Why was Donald Trump’s wife wearing Steven Miller’s jacket?

  3. Quirky says

    The thing that allows this abuse to both occur and to continue is the superstitious belief in national/state authority. How many of these families could be separated by Trump on his own by himself?
    Without the order-followers conducting this travesty it could never occur. Do you think for a moment that all those involved are republicans? No. But they all believe in taking and following orders.
    The Stanford and Milgram experiments are being proven correct right in front of our eyes.

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