Stephen Colbert on Trump being called a moron

He has a lot of fun with the Tillerson story. I really wonder how long the Trump-Tillerson relationship can last, now that the latter did not unequivocally deny that he called Trump a “fucking moron”. Even someone as self-absorbed as Trump has to realize that Tillerson did call him that. I think that unless Trump fires him, Tillerson will stay until he has completed a year in office so as to avoid a tax bill, because these people love money the most. It may happen that Trump, out of spite, fires Tillerson before the year is up just to have him pay the tax, unless being fired lets Tillerson off the hook.


  1. coragyps says

    I truly hate to tell you this, Mano, but the popup ad on this very page is for Gov. Huckabee’s new TV show.

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