The Mueller investigation and Trump’s incoherent tax plan

Seth Meyers reviews the state of the Mueller investigation into the Trump White House, Trump’s incoherent tax plan that is matched only by Trump’s verbal incoherence, and the Alex Jones theory that not only is Trump being slowly drugged, but that all presidents are routinely drugged with small doses of sedatives that they are secretly given.

Why are presidents being drugged? Who is doing it? Are they the same people irrespective of who is president? What do they hope to gain? Unfortunately Jones does not tell us. How do people like Jones come up with such stuff? You have to give them credit for creativity. It must help them that there seems to be no limit to the credulity of the people who follow them, thus giving them a free hand to make stuff up.


  1. Paul Colquhoun says

    A little bit of dyslexia, maybe?
    Saying “unite the red tape” instead of “untie the red tape”?

  2. says


    One of my personal favorites in the grand conspiracy category is that on the second day every president’s first term, a man enters the Oval office unannounced and shows the president a film of the Kennedy assassination, but from a completely different angle of the Zapruder film. At the conclusion of the viewing the man packs up and walks out, simply saying:

    “We’ll be in touch.”

    (I assume that the Alien is the next visitor. : )


  3. says

    That’s debunked now -- Trump would have tweeted about the aliens:
    “Build my wall! Aliens in New Mexico anal probing people at secret base! Bad dudes!”

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