Trump is not an independent

The recent actions by Donald Trump that seemed to indicate a willingness to work with Democratic leaders on funding the government, raising the debt ceiling, restoring the DACA, and backpedalling on the wall program has resulted in some commentators starting to speak of him as an ‘independent’. But we should not dignify the words of and actions of someone who could well reverse himself on any of these things at any moment with a label that suggests that he is acting according to some principled plan.

Seth Meyers says that we should call Trump what he really is, and that is a rudderless, narcissist Republican.


  1. tbtabby says

    Drumpf isn’t independent, he’s incompetent. And he’s really disappointed to find out that the presidency isn’t “like a king, only better,” as Daffy Duck thought. He’s desperately flailing now, which would be funnier if he didn’t have the launch codes.

  2. brucegee1962 says

    I don’t want to join the people who are criticizing Pelosi and Schumer for working with Trump. It’s pretty clear that anyone who can get access to him can persuade him to do something if they flatter him enough; I don’t see why our side shouldn’t take advantage of that.

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