New hosting service up and running (almost) smoothly

PZ Myers informs us that the switch to the new host server occurred last night and went pretty smoothly and that the only glitch seems to be that the list of approved commenters (i.e., those whose very first comments were approved by the editor of each site) has disappeared and so your first comment after the switch might have to be approved by me again. I’ll monitor the site more frequently than usual to do so.


  1. Bruce says

    Thank you for keeping your blog well curated.
    By the way, I couldn’t do an automatic log-in by touching the g icon where it says to log in. But it worked easily when I used the link that says to log in to comment. Is it possible that the lowest small icons are accidentally still pointed to the old server?
    Also, the Preview function had an error.

  2. Mano Singham says


    Could you please send this query to the tech guys directly? The link ‘Tech Issues’ is on the top left. Thanks!

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