Kim Davis has committed a boo-boo

The saga of Kim Davis, the clerk of Rowan County in Kentucky, who has been fighting for Jesus by denying marriage licenses to all couples ever since the US Supreme Court ruled in June that bans on same-sex marriage were unconstitutional, has got weirder. (Her appeal for a stay of the district judge’s order to issue licenses is now before the Supreme Court.) It turns out that in February, she had issued a marriage license to a couple consisting of a transgender man and a woman.

Camryn Colen, who is transgender, and his wife Alexis, who identifies as pan sexual, said Davis’ office provided the license on Feb. 26 without asking to see Camryn’s birth certificate, which still identifies him as female. The couple married that night.

“She saw just a straight couple in love, and she should see everybody like that,” Camryn said. “She shouldn’t just see straight couples like that.”

The couple allowed inspection of the license and Camryn’s birth certificate on Saturday. Their story was first reported by the Daily Independent in Ashland and The Trail Blazer, the student newspaper at Morehead State University.

The Colen’s said they have wanted to step forward since Davis began refusing licenses for all couples in June, but were concerned about the safety of their 6-month old daughter.

Camryn, 30, and Alexis, 21, said they have been together for two years, and moved to Morehead about a year ago. Camryn said they have tried to remain under the radar, but decided that fighting for equality for their daughter’s sake was more important.

“Stuff has just escalated and gotten ridiculous, and we decided that we were going to come forward with it,” Alexis said.

They spoke to about 100 demonstrators outside the Rowan County Courthouse during a Saturday rally to support couples who have been turned away. The group waved signs and chanted as cars drove by honking in support.

Camryn said he was surprised to obtain a license so easily and that “technically, they granted a same-sex couple a marriage license before it was even legal.” He indicated that he wasn’t concerned about the legality of the license now that the Supreme Court has ruled.

“As far as our marriage goes, we feel great,” he said. “But the fact that we are married, and so many of our community members aren’t married, that’s why we are here today.”

It took courage for this couple to come forward and I am somewhat worried for their safety in this climate.

I am not sure if this action by Davis will be considered a major sin and will result in Jesus sending her straight to hell, not passing GO. It would not surprise me if Davis, in order to get back in Jesus’s good books, will say that she was tricked and try to get the Colens’ marriage certificate declared invalid since it was issued before the Supreme Court’s decision. She and her supporters are just mean enough to do it.


  1. hyphenman says


    Here’s another twist for you.

    In the early ’90s my best friend from the Navy transitioned from male to female and married the woman who is the love of her life. They lived in Virginia at the time and when they went to get a marriage license, the clerk, at first, refused to issue a license to a lesbian couple. Here’s where the fun began.

    Virginia did not at the time (and still may not, I don’t know) recognize gender reassignment surgery and so, in the eyes of the state, my friend was still a man. As such, the clerk could not refuse the license and they were happily married (and now have a son).

    I wish I could have seen the look on the clerk’s face.


  2. Mano Singham says


    It is a relief that all such complications are disappearing with the legalization of same-sex marriage.

  3. Holms says

    Uh oh, Kim accidentally treated non-standard humans as humans! …No doubt the defense will be something along the lines of being decieved by science / satan (same thing to some people), and is thus just another honest christian victims of science / satan.

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