What actual harm will result from allowing same-sex marriage?

The answer is, of course, none at all. The feelings of some religious people will be offended but that is about it. But Pema Levy says that opponents feel that their prior inability to articulate actual damage has hurt them in past legal cases and so they filed several briefs in tomorrow’s Supreme Court case where they marshal the evidence for the tangible harm that will arise if same-sex marriage is allowed.

Curious to hear what that evidence is? Here’s the list:

* Same-sex marriage will cause an additional 900,000 abortions
* The “homosexual experience” leads to “early death”
* Children of same-sex marriages are disadvantaged
* Same-sex marriage will hurt underprivileged women and children

So there you have it. Conclusive evidence that opponents of same-sex marriage have gone bananas.


  1. Chiroptera says

    You forgot one:

    I may be force to bake a cake. Of course, my business is a bakery, so I’m already baking cakes all the time anyway, but, well, you know, forcing me to make more money, how fair is that?

  2. says

    900,000 abortions!??! How on earth did they come up with that number!? Are straight parents going to start aborting their kids in record numbers because they’re switching sides, or something?

  3. sawells says

    @3: the argument was that (i) same sex marriage devalues straight marriage and so will discourage straight people from marrying, (ii) unmarried women are more likely to have abortions than married women, so (iii) there will be more abortions if the marriage rate falls because of gay marriage.

    The logic is perfectly valid. It’s just that all the premises are utter bullshit and the conclusion is irrelevant.

  4. says

    Sawells@#4 wow, the mind boggles!!

    Gay marriage has done nothing to devalue straight marriage!! Heck, I like it so much I did it twice!! OOps. OK, so how many abortions will we have if we keep devaluing straight marriage by getting married, again?

  5. Bakunin says

    Man, if they thought it looked bad when they couldn’t show how it harmed them, this may be the wrong choice.

  6. says

    Chiroptera@#1I may be force to bake a cake

    Gay marriage will devalue cake-making; there will be fewer cake bakers. Therefore there will be less cake. Therefore fewer obese Americans. Since obesity-related diabetes costs the US economy > $100billion/year gay marriage will save the economy enough money that everyone can get free abortions. Thus gay marriage will cause a billion abortions.

  7. moarscienceplz says

    (i) same sex marriage devalues straight marriage and so will discourage straight people from marrying

    Makes sense to me. Just the other day I saw some people who looked poorer than me driving a car, so I’m going to get rid of my car. Also, some people that probably don’t recycle as carefully as I do were having a picnic in the park near my house, so I’m not going there anymore, and a guy who hasn’t read my favorite books was buying coffee at my favorite coffee place, so I can’t go there anymore either. That last one really hurts, but what can I do?

  8. mordred says

    Children of same-sex marriages are disadvantaged

    I thought gay marriage would mean the end of mankind because gay couples can’t reproduce? They really should coordinate their, uh, arguments.

  9. lanir says

    Loopy logic plus incredulity that the other person could possibly be that silly is a bad combination around these people…

    I’m also wondering if they realize their “early death” talking point is arguing for better sex education classes… They’re going to have a cow when they realize what “better” means in that sense.

  10. raven says

    The real reasons why SSM will harm them.

    1. They lost. The fundie xians aren’t as powerful as they pretend. There aren’t as many of them as they think.

    Which we already know. Their own christofascist political party, the GOP nominated a nonxian Reptilian Shapeshifter last time instead of one of their own Ooogedy Boogedies.

    2. Their religion is fading. US xianity is losing ca. 2 million members a year.

    Fundies aren’t very smart or alert but even in my area, they are seeing it. The churches are laying off people and delaying maintenance on their buildings because their collections are down.

    They know they are losing members and money but they have absoutely no idea why.

  11. jimmyfromchicago says

    The amazing thing for me is that for most of my life the right of same-sex couples to marry seemed preposterous to the mainstream political and legal community. When Phyllis Schlafly said that the Equal Rights Amendment to the US Constitution would lead to gay and lesbian marriage, supporters denied that would ever happen.

    Now that the issue is actually being tested in court, there turns out not to be any argument against it that doesn’t get laughed out of court.

  12. mnb0 says

    One tool told me that life expectation for Danish gays was 50, while 70 for the rest of the population. Sources (I googled): christian propaganda sites. So much for the 9th Commandment.

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