Things that the torture report might contain

The likelihood of the report on torture being released by the US Senate, even in a limited and highly redacted form, is becoming increasingly unlikely. The main (but small) hope for transparency and accountability advocates is that outgoing senator Mark Udall uses his immunity as a member of Congress to put it into the Congressional record.

What will the report contain? A news article about what some people in US custody had done to them gives us a taste but I suspect the report contains much worse and who knows what did not even get into the report because investigato seem to have not shown much zeal in getting at the truth, letting alone releasing it to the public.

Here’s what some inmates say happened.

In a secret CIA prison, believed to be in Poland, Bin Attash’s captors placed a collar around his neck that they would use to “slam me against the walls of the interrogation room”, he told the International Committee of the Red Cross in a leaked report. He estimates that for days on end, his captors kept him standing, naked, chained to the ceiling.

Before arriving at Guantánamo, Hela and Bin Attash were held at a suspected CIA facility near Kabul, Afghanistan known as the “dark prison”. While there, Remes said, Hela’s “arm was chained to the wall three feet up”, requiring painful contortions, while officials blasted the darkened prison with loud music and flashed “strobe lights” in Hela’s eyes.

At the same prison, Bin Attash – the younger brother of Walid bin Attash – was shackled to the ceiling, with his toes barely able to touch the floor, Remes said.

You can be sure that the US government, that loves to give lectures to other countries on how they should respect human rights as president Obama (ever the hypocrite in such matters) is currently telling the leaders of Myanmar, came up with some highly cruel and ingenious ways to torture people and that what is described in this news article barely touches the levels of atrocity.


  1. sailor1031 says

    Thanks to Craig Murray we already know a lot of it. Read “Murder in Samarkand” – if you have the stomach for it. The worst torture was outsourced by both USA and the UK.

  2. astrosmash says

    Erg. I can think of another ‘prison’ or two that was in Poland at another point in history… Look, everyone in the world already KNOWS what’s been going on. Admitting can only be a GOOD thing in the long run…

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