The next big scare?

So the great freak-out about Ebola in the US has now subsided with the last person who had the disease, the doctor in New York, being cleared and released from hospital. There are a few encouraging signs that the rate of spread of the infection in West Africa, at least in Liberia, is slowing down and that containment of this deadly disease may be on the horizon though it must be emphasized that the dangers are still very real and Sierra Leone in particular still faces major problems.

Meanwhile, the other freak-outs about massive numbers of children from Central America supposedly invading the country across the Mexican border and bringing all manner of diseases with them and using up all our resources also seems to have dissipated.

As for the other threats, Khorasan seems to have disappeared off the map entirely, al Qaeda is barely discussed, and even the fear of ISIS invading the US seems to have decreased. And what about the scourge of drugs that once threatened to destroy the US?

Since the US needs to have an existential threat at all times, what is the next thing to frighten the easily-scared people in the US? According to the Onion News Network, it may have already appeared.


  1. astrosmash says

    What will be the new ‘ghost story around the campfire’..goddammit this gets old…And none of these RW goons will learn a SINGLE DAMN THING from this…On and forward!
    There must be a compilation somewhere on the web of all of the freakouts over the years that never came true…

  2. Crimson Clupeidae says

    In some areas, the rate of infection is still increasing. I wouldn’t count any where as being out of the proverbial woods yet.

  3. sumdum says

    What do you mean, they haven’t learned a thing? Their strategy is working according to plan. Spread fear, reap the votes.

  4. Sean (I am not an imposter) says

    Al Qaeda disappeared off the radar as quickly as ISIS appeared. Boogeymen are so unreliable. What does the CIA pay these people for? I am still waiting for the Nicaraguan hordes Reagan warned us about to invade. Maybe they are posing as Mexican day laborers, waiting for the order to strike?

  5. says

    I was having a rather bad day, having to deliver a copy of a DNR to a Cleveland Clinic hospital. While waiting for them to locate the patient, at the desk there was some sort of ebola-in-Ohio fact sheet that nearly made me guffaw by its mere presence. That is how silly I find all this ebola scare stuff.

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