1. Loqi says

    “Isn’t that book the bible of right wing losers?”

    No. The bible is the bible of right wing losers.

  2. LeftSidePositive says

    Yeah, there’s a lot of shit to legitimately say about Ayn Rand, and so there’s no need to drag in some cheap transphobia.

    Apart from that very obvious flaw, it did a great job of showing that libertarians fantasize that we must regulate them because they’re just too brilliant or amazing or whatever. No–regulation exists because your credit-default swap is a dangerous piece of shit, and we can’t allow its mirage of amazingness to crash the world economy. If you actually make something amazing, great! (although we would prefer those iPhones to be made under decent and fairly-paid working conditions, if you don’t mind!) And, frankly, I think if you can do something impressive, unique, and profitable WHILE being ethical about it, that’s much MORE amazing than any old slave-built pyramid.

  3. Mr Ed says

    This from the people who use the word “ELITES” as a slur. It isn’t Rand’s heroes that the right loves it’s her villains. They provide the fuel for rationalizations. Why admit to one’s own short comings when you can create the bogey man of regulation or looters as justification for not doing as well as you assume you should.

  4. Mano Singham says

    That’s a good point, that the villains are the key to Rand’s appeal to a certain segment. It had not struck me before.

  5. StevoR says

    Whilst I agree with your sentiments there LeftSidePositive; my inner pedant can’t help pointing out that despite the mythology, the pyramids were, apparently, built by volunteer (religiously motivated?) Egyptian labourers not slaves or so I gather from somewhere.

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