All Hail Buddy Christ!

From the 1999 film Dogma. (Thanks to Norm)

There is something richly ironic about casting the late George Carlin, an atheist whose tirades against religion in his comedy routine were legendary, as a Catholic bishop.

Here’s one such performance with some brilliant theological insights. (Language advisory)


  1. Gregaryous42 says

    Could someone please explain why so many Youtube links just flash at me and then do nothing when I use my iPad with this site.

  2. Mano Singham says

    Hmm. I was not aware of this problem. Anyone else having it?

    It would help me to diagnose the problem if instead of speaking of ‘so many’, you gave me the links to a few so that I can see what is happening. Thanks.

  3. bcoppola says

    I think it’s because YouTube uses Flash. iPads don’t do Flash, partly because Steve Jobs was pissed at Adobe.

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