Taslima Nasrin

Taslima Nasrin is someone who has had to suffer many persecutions simply for expressing her views. Her Wikipedia page recounts her history and the times she has had to go into hiding and even leave her home country because she angered narrow-minded and vindictive people.

Being a Muslim apostate is bad enough (it is sometimes enough to merit a death sentence) but she is also a woman (which makes it much worse) and one who refuses to be ‘good’ (i.e., silent) about her feminist views and her criticisms of religion in general and Islam in particular.

I am pleased to announce that she has joined the FreethoughtBlogs community with her blog No Country for Women and I encourage people to pay a visit.


  1. 'Tis Himself says

    It’s already bookmarked.

    Just as a minor note, Taslima is the first FtB blogger I had ever heard of before she became an FtB blogger.

  2. thewhollynone says

    Will definitely read that one! Her life story is harrowing, and I can just hope that she doesn’t end up a martyr like Madalyn. Ah well, perhaps tis better to have lived with courage and lost, than never to have lived at all.

  3. Tim says

    Thanks for the suggestion. I didn’t know about her. I will certainly be reading her blog.

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