Elizabeth Warren for US Senate

She made the announcement yesterday that she will be running for the US senate in Massachusetts. Her website is ElizabethWarren.com.

The oligarchy will pull out all the stops and pour money into this race to try to prevent her winning. People are going to troll through her past and drag her through the mud. This election will be a good indication of whether an earnest, centrist, political amateur can defeat the oligarchic machine and its professional cadres. I sincerely hope so.

My daughter moved to Massachusetts last month to go to graduate school and will likely work on this campaign. Although I live in Ohio, I gave the Warren campaign a contribution yesterday because improbable candidacies need money early.


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    Now that would be change we can believe in. You go, girl!

    I wonder how brave she’s going to be. Will she pull no punches and tie Obama to the banks? He deserves it after quietly killing her nomination to the Consumer Protection Agency.

    But even if she defeats Scott Brown, she could easily end up as just another Bernie Sanders -- giving impassioned speeches that are 100% right but having little impact on policy. With seniority rules and a captive party leadership in the way, she’s not going to be chair of the Banking & Finance Committee anytime soon. But is even her presence on the public stage too much for the oligarchy to stomach?

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