Belated anniversary commemoration

What with one thing and another, I forgot to mark the sixth anniversary of this blog, which began on January 26, 2005. I never imagined that it would continue for this long. I estimate that I have written close to two million words. For most of the time, the blog consisted of an op-ed length essay every weekday but last year I started adding some short posts as well.

I am now undertaking a new book project that will take up some time so I may have to cut back on the essays a bit. These take more time because they consist of reasoned arguments that have to be thought through and worded more carefully. But at the same time, those essays are the ones I like the most because I also learn from researching and writing them, so they will not disappear.

Thanks to all the people out there who read and comment.


  1. Tim says

    Congratulations on 6 years, Mano! And thank you for writing this blog. I’ve learned a great deal. What’s the new book about?

  2. says

    The book will deal with the issue of grades in higher education. I have long been convinced that the way we assess students and assign grades has a deleterious effect on their learning and this book will explore what we can do to change things.

  3. says

    I find myself coming to this blog again and again because your posts are educational and interesting. Another eye opener today about the “torture shopping”, and how Bush and others are limited in travel due to their past crimes.

    Thank you for 6 years of thought provoking posts and best wishes on the new book.

  4. Tom Maley says

    Congratulations Mano and a big Thank You for writing this blog. Your blog has opened many doors and has put tough subject matter in a friendly to read format. I’ve also learned a great deal by being a daily reader here. Again, many Thanks.

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