Uh-oh — gay, gey, giy, goy, guy. It works?

It’s easy enough to generate these names, the uncomfortable part is imagining what behaviors are associated with each. I spent the last few minutes inventing all kids of new kinks (kanks, kenks, konks, kunks.)


  1. Hairhead, Still Learning at 59 says

    Everyone knows “twink”, but “twunk” is also a thing. “Twunk” refers to a young, attractive gay man, who also has muscles (i.e. “twink” (skinny) plus “hunk” (muscles).

  2. acroyear says

    I just saw an article fly by reminding us of how the British are capable of turning any seemingly normal word into a euphemism for being drunk.

  3. Rich Woods says

    @acroyear #6:

    I can’t work out if that’s true or not, mostly because I’m viciously hung over this morning after getting wankered last night. The pub was rammed with people fingering the bishop’s nipple, and at least three of them were chucked out for starting a boat race sesh. Top bladder.

  4. John Morales says

    Rich Woods, I have to say I am rather impressed.
    Good rattling off there. Still, due diligence and all, so…

    … so, I Googled the bishop’s nipple and what I got was... well.


    Bishop score changes, by a cross-over, randomized study, were evaluated in 60 primigravidas at term, not yet in labour, who performed nipple stimulation for 45 minutes three times a day for three days. Results showed that changes of Bishop score in the treated groups were statistically highly significant, in comparison to control groups. A greater frequency in the onset of labour was also remarked.

    (Obviously, sex words :) )

  5. seachange says

    @numerobis #10

    As a blonde blue eyed Lutheran man I can assure you that there are jewish men who really do get seriously turned on by me and guys like me. They are goy-sexual, and bacon can be used.

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