Embarrassing photo!

Here at my mother’s house, we’re reminiscing about old times, and out come the photo albums. You have permission to mock 1990s me.

This was not a one-off. Mary’s looking good in 1995, I’m just a big dork.

In contrast, this is a photo from 1943, of my grandparents holding my mother. Formal photos look so much better. Classy!


  1. René says

    1 Happy to hear your mum’s okay.
    2 Mary indeed looks cantik in ’95.
    3 The one wandering eye (so very present in your line) was already present in your gramps!

  2. vinnievidivici says

    Your grandmother was beautiful! But by the expression on his face, it looks like granddad has had it up to “here” with the photographer. If I, as a young lad, had been transfixed by that baleful glance, I’d have straightened up and flown right!

    And yeah, you’re a dork. But you’re OUR dork!

  3. hemidactylus says

    I think you’re too self-critical. The mustache was cool, especially in the top photo with the accompanying soul patch. I had a mullet in the late 80s and flat-top in early 90s…a real horror story.

  4. pamsmigh says

    You look great. I just found your blog again after years away. Don’t know how I lost it, but I was reminded of Ed Brayton and it made me wonder about you. I used to read you two ‘religiously’.

    So glad you’re still blogging! Off to catch up.

  5. StevoR says

    You think that’s bad & embarrassing? You should see some of mine .. wait no, you shouldn’t..

  6. brightmoon says

    @9 You’re complaining, I had shoulder length dreadlocks in the 90s. Which I eventually got tired of and tried to comb out. Painful! It’s like untangling felt.

    I kinda like Pz’s porn stache