Summer research presentation time!

My students talked about their work today — this picture was taken before the crowds put them to work.

Violet took full advantage of the medium, a big screen connected to a laptop, and instead of a static display, the ‘poster’ rotated through a big collection of images. They had the prettiest poster of the group, as long as spiders are considered to belong to the category “pretty”.


  1. kome says

    I’m more than a little envious. My posters are still just actual posters.
    I hope they enjoyed themselves. Poster sessions can be nice chill environment to chat about work.

  2. wzrd1 says

    Well, that new species of tarantula that was discovered is certainly attractively colorful. Not cuddleworthy, but certainly attractive.

    kome, well, you could turn those posters into death by powerpoint. ;)
    I’ll just get my jacket…

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Yes, but can the tarantula handle boreal-zone climate? Otherwise there is no point in smuggling a breeding population to Sweden.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Now I am expecting a young version of Clint Eastwood zoom in on the Uni with a jet fighter-bomber (he had some weird film roles in the late 1950s).

  5. brucej says

    @kome #1

    My most memorable meeting was the American Association For Cancer Research, New Orleans 1988. My first real national meeting. I was presenting in one of the earliest poster sessions, so we flew in 2 days early, just before for a massive winter storm that messed up travel extensively. Not only did my wife and I arrive entirely unprepared for cold weather (had to search for someplace in the French Quarter for a pair of long pants and a jacket for her) but like half of the posters in my session were pretty much a bunch of faxed copies of sections of the poster taped up.

    Was a real experience for me.

  6. scuba says

    How sad to see such young people still wearing masks so long after covid has lost its original potency and threat to life.

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