He looks pissed

Good. The Trump mugshot has been released.

Also, a big surprise. He claims on the intake form that he is 6’3″ and 215 pounds, which happens to be the same size as Ali in his prime.

I don’t think Trump could take him no matter how hard he glowers.


  1. Artor says

    In my prime, I was 6’2″ and 210 lbs. I’m considerably more than that now, and still in way better shape than Trumplethinskin. The dude is a pathological liar, but twice as clownish as Jon Lovitz’s character, while not even half as funny.

  2. johnson catman says

    He could be 215 pounds . . . IF both legs were cut off. But then he wouldn’t be 6’3″ tall.

  3. wzrd1 says

    I don’t think Trump could take on Ali and win today and Ali’s been dead for a wee bit.

    As for Trump’s mugshot, CNN had a fascinating take on what the shot tells us and I have my own.
    My own take is, he posed like a toddler coming out of a tantrump.

    Trump’s lead attorney in the Georgia case was dismissed, new attorney is in place.
    I suspect that all of his cases are going to go the same way that Titan v Ocean went, Titan getting crushed.

  4. says

    I immediately thought of some ballplayers depicted on my old baseball cards when I heard those figures–yeah, those are the dimensions of a professional athlete. That seems sloppy, allowing arrestees to self-report vital statistics.
    Of course, if they were really doing things right, they would have followed up the picture-taking by asking him for his belt, his shoelaces, and his stupid red tie.

  5. imback says

    That’s a big calf size difference between Frazier and Ali which doesn’t seem supported by the photos. But Trump’s numbers are surely not measurement errors but pure wishful thinking, as we already know he instinctually lies all the time.

  6. kome says

    Interesting that they seem to report self-disclosed height and weight as opposed to taking those measurements themselves. Cops being lazy once again.

  7. StevoR says

    Trump vs Muhammad Ali? Wow, talk about abouytr opposites – and one very short boxing match!

  8. birgerjohansson says

    Oops. The video has been recalled. Too bad, it showed a MAGA crowd greeting the mugshot with enthusiasm.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    I suppose that if he stumbles and falls on you, you could get injured. But apart from that I do not find this image intimidating.

  10. says

    UFC fighter Colby Covington claimed last week that Trump would beat Joe Biden in a fight because he’s the “cardio king.” So I’m sure he thinks Trump is 215 pounds. Perhaps the Nevada State Athletic Commission should require some expanded tests of Covington’s health, because this may be a sign he has cognitive problems of some sort.

  11. submoron says

    I thought that he looked constipated.
    BBC World Service had a fashion writer discuss the picture on the radio news. She thought he’d rehearsed the look with his advisers.

  12. René says


    That, of course, should be 6′3″ (“prime”, “double prime”). I have been blessed with a “meticulous eye for detail, or cursed with it.
    Anyway, PZ calls it ‘pissed’, the criminal himself calls it ‘defiant’. I’d call it ‘distgusted’. Disgust of course the forerunner of hatred — rampant among RWNJ.

  13. whheydt says

    Perhaps they should put him under oath and ask about weight and height again. Or just, you know, use actual measurements.

  14. whywhywhy says

    Again, he received special treatment. Bookings generally take a few hours. Trump was done in 20 minutes.

  15. Doc Bill says

    In an interview with reporters outside of the Fulton County Slammer, P01135809 said of his mugshot, “They were all very nice. I give the place five stars, five stars. After my photo shoot, a man came up to me, big man, bigger than me, yuge man. Tattoos all over, tough looking guy, very tough, so tough you wouldn’t believe it. And this big, tough guy had tears in his eyes! Real tears. Yeah, he had a bunch of tattoo tears, but these were real. I could tell because they weren’t blue. And he said, ‘Sir, Sir, that was the best mugshot I ever done seen. Better than Tony Three Toes, better than Crazy Harry, better than Meatball Ron and Low Energy Jeb. Sir, I’ll never forget that mugshot.’ Great guy. I hope to meet him again some day.”

  16. seversky says

    My guess is he was going for something like the expression of bulldog defiance in the famous portrait shot of Winston Churchill by photographer Yousuf Karsh. The story goes that Churchill was in a good mood and smoking one of his signature cigars at the shoot. Just before taking the picture, Karsh snatched the cigar away which did not please Churchill in the slightest, hence the glowering expression, but Karsh got the picture he wanted.

  17. mordred says

    And he’s already selling his mugshot to his fans. On a T-Shirt.

    If UFOs were real, I’d hitchhike out of here.

  18. mamba says

    He is no longer Trump. refer to him by his proper name: “inmate number P01135809”

    WOW that feels good to type out!

  19. submoron says

    Microraptor@17. My feelings almost exactly (see 14) but I’d recommend Lactulose instead.

  20. Taneli Huuskonen says

    StevoR @8:

    Trump vs Muhammad Ali? Wow, talk about abouytr opposites – and one very short boxing match!

    Bambi vs. Godzilla.

  21. StevoR says

    @mamba : If only Trump was an inmate currently. Remanded in custody and staying there with no more media access and political influence than any other felon. If only..


    Perhaps soon if he keeps on displaying his utter contempt of Court – and specifically its surely-more-than-just-suggestions to NOT bully other witnesses and make derogatory, well, contemptious statements about the Judges, prosecutors, juries, venues, etc..?

  22. Artor says

    I’m with StevoR on this one. He’s been specifically warned to not do exactly what he immediately did, and all that has happened is he was told to not do that again. Anyone else would have their bail revoked and be waiting in an orange jumpsuit until trial.

  23. billseymour says

    He claims on the intake form that he is 6’3″ and 215 pounds, which happens to be the same size as Ali in his prime.

    And the MAGAts will believe, immediately and uncritically, anything Trump says regardless of content.

    StevoR @27 & Artor @29:  maybe they’re “giving him enough rope to hang himself”.  We already know that Trump can’t shut up.  Let’s hope that he gets overconfident and blurts out something that clearly threatens the judge, the prosecutor, or somebody else, so that even a “conservative” judge couldn’t keep Trump out of jail no matter how much the judge would want to.

    (Or maybe not…all the MAGAts would hear on Fox News would be that Trump was in jail which would just be further evidence that the Deep State was after him.)

  24. birgerjohansson says

    Lämna @ 24
    Mano Singham has a blog where he refers to him as SSAT (serial sexual assaulter Trump)
    And thinking more about anger… old-timers will recall the song “Rise” where John Lydon ska Johnny Rotten sings
    anger is an energy “.

    Just in: “Anger found to be the primary driver of climate activism”.
    So hang on to your rightous anger!

  25. robro says

    He always looks pissed. Or constipated. Or both. But it’s his best shot ever…except for that tuft of hair over his right ear. Where was makeup!? Maybe that’s why he was pissed.

  26. UnknownEric the Apostate says

    I’m 6’0″ and 215. (a) No way he’s taller than me and (b) no way he weighs the same as I do.

  27. says

    Reginald Selkirk @33, yes, he himself is. So my take on it is that he has spent some time practising his pose in front of a mirror, to try and look like a tough guy.

  28. flange says

    Mug shots are usually head-on, even, fully-lit photos.
    Yet this asshole, even though he’s scowling, gets a portrait photographer’s dramatic lighting, posing, and maybe even some Photoshopping?
    He’s still getting away with it, and getting help.

  29. Reginald Selkirk says

    @38: I don’t think a professional portrait photographer would put half the face in shadow like that.

  30. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    Baffled why they wouldn’t make him wash off the makeup, stand up straight, and untuck the rest of his chins from his collar. The mugshot is supposed to look like the suspect, not this caricature.

  31. acroyear says

    I get the idea that talking about TFG’s lie about his weight could be seen as fat-shaming (several of my FB friends suggested this). Yes, everybody lies about their weight, so the saying goes.

    But there’s the other side of this.

    He just lied on an official courthouse arrest document that is meant to confirm his identity. He did this during the due process of an arraignment of an indictment that is primarily based on his lying.

  32. Rich Woods says

    I see they’ve captured his good side. It’ll be perfect for the front cover of Time. He must be overjoyed to be courting so much attention. Yes, a bang-up job.

  33. StonedRanger says

    That mug shot reminds me of nothing so much as the movie Stir Crazy where Pryor and Wilder are walking through the prison saying “We bad!” Herr Dumpf is practicing his We Bad face for when he goes to the big house.

  34. wzrd1 says

    Rudy flew in on a luxury private jet, to a private airfield for his surrender.
    Not half bad, for someone who is unpaid is in such dire financial straits.

  35. HidariMak says

    @ 24:
    I’ve been referring to Trump as “inmate # P-11780” for a while now, since this exact number of requested votes helped to start this process.

  36. says

    I posted this on another blog, but Carl Weathers is 75 years old, 6’2″, 214 pounds.

    Check out a recent picture – he looks good.

    TFG isn’t anything close, in any possible dimension.

  37. says

    I’ve always been amused at how people like Trump and Bannon are constitutionally incapable of going full populist since they’re obsessed with status and consumed by status anxiety. In videos of them reading speeches about how they and their followers are united against the “elites,” they’re often compelled to add some desperate remark about how they’re actually the “real” elites or how actually the elites suck up to them. They simply can’t portray themselves as nonelites.

    Trump and his campaign are doing what they can to spin this, but the acute status anxiety comes through loud and clear:

    …“Terrible experience,” Trump answered. “I came in, I was treated very nicely. But, it is what it is; I took a mugshot, which, I’d never heard the words ‘mug shot.’ They didn’t teach me that at the Wharton School of Finance,” Trump said…

    Trump later said, “In my whole life, I never knew anything about indictments, now I’ve been indicted, like, four times,…”

    In the expression (which I hate) “common criminal,” it’s the first word he can’t abide, so he has to do this laughably phony Louis Winthorpe bit.

  38. cag says

    Come on, people. Give him some credit. After all, he has embraced climate change, even if he did it for financial reasons. It’s true.
    One Stormy night cost him $130,000 (and counting).

  39. says

    Given the laughable security at any jail, there was no way that the Secret Service was going to allow not-previously-cleared-and-probed-and-background-checked employees at the jail put hands on him for a height measurement. Besides, he’s certainly 6’3″ with the heel spurs…

    What I really want to hear is the explanation for why Inmate P01135810 hasn’t been in the news, or had — its? — mugshot printed. I refer, of course, to the thing on his head (it was almost certainly a simultaneous booking; no fingerprinting necessary, let’s just get on with it…). The alien that has clearly been doing all of his thinking for him for the past seventy-odd years, because no real human being could be that self-centered and still manage to get elected. Right? OK, discounting Congress.

  40. birgerjohansson says

    Jaws @ 53
    The filamentous thing on his head looks like no alien I have seen. Maybe a larval stage of the thing in “Nope” ?

  41. StevoR says

    @ ^ birgerjohansson :

    Actually a larval, wellcaterpillatr stage of life here on Earth :

    Several different caterpillar species look like escapees from Trump’s noggin, and nearly all of them have urticating hairs. “Urticating” is a fancy way of saying highly irritating. (The jokes write themselves here, don’t they?)

    Asp Caterpillars (Megalopyge opercularis) have a variety of nicknames: southern flannel moth, puss caterpillar, and the tree asp. They are considered the most highly venomous caterpillars in North America. The “hairs” of these caterpillars can break off and cause itching, but also hide an unpleasant surprise: sharp spines. The spines are connected to venom gland cells, and function like little hypodermic needles. The pain from injected venom is said to be intense, and lasts at least 12 hours.

    Source : https://www.wired.com/2014/09/never-touch-anything-looks-like-donald-trumps-hair/

    If only the pain of Trump was so short-lived..

  42. fishy says

    I have been listening to NPR tell me how utterly shocking (shocking I tell you!) it is that a former POTUS has a mugshot.
    I keep telling NPR, even though they aren’t listening, that the mugshot is completely not shocking. The fact that this oh so obvious career criminal ever made it that far is shocking.
    I also mention that it’s NPR’s fault, but they really really don’t want to hear that.

  43. StevoR says

    @^ fishy : That a criminal became POTUS and is still a leading candidate to become POTUS agian –that is shocking. Or should be..

    Yet the “tough on crime” (not ..LOLsob) mob are fine with it and cheering the known felon and traitor and conman on.. Becoz religion. Their cult religion that is worse & more recent than most others.

  44. Jim Brady says

    What is the red rash above his eyes. Has he been trying on a crown of thorns? Or did he just forget the sunscreen there when he was on the golf course?

  45. Nathaniel Hellerstein says

    This pose is known as the Kubrick Stare. A frown, a scowl, a glare to indicate menace, but with the chin lowered. He’s enraged but also afraid.

    If a cat gave me a look like that, and kitty needed to see the vet, then I fetch a towel, a cage, and elbow-length welder’s gloves. I’d open the cage, don the gloves, throw the towel onto the cat, scoop up the cat in the towel, push cat and towel into the cage, close and latch the door. There! Problem contained. MRAO!

  46. fishy says

    The hair.
    I can’t stop looking at the hair.
    If he does it himself, he’s an artist.
    Without it he would be nothing.

  47. Die Anyway says

    “Big Brother is Watching You!”

    The pose looks familiar. I thought maybe from Orwell’s 1984 but that’s just a pair of eyes. Somewhat similar but not the face I’m remembering. Seems as if it was a sci-fi book cover or movie poster. Anybody got ideas?

    In any case, I hope Trump keeps it up and is the Republican candidate. Everything he does alienates a few more people. I was talking to a group of guys I ride bicycles with and several of us noted that we used to be registered Republican but had switched parties due to the egregious nature of the Repubs. I’m sure we are not the only ones. DeSantis may singlehandedly turn Florida back into a purple state if not completely blue.

  48. wzrd1 says

    @ 62, DeSatan’s doing a bang up job, if breaking everything in sight is his job.
    New College is currently a dumpster fire, incoming record number of students, new sports teams without team members (baseball team has one member), closed dorms and still brought additional students in to white maleify the the student base. 40% less professors as well. One student needed to go out of department to have his thesis sponsored.
    And DeStupid also wants to, on day one if elected, declare war unilaterally on Mexico by invading the nation.
    Because, nothing gets you elected like promising an unprovoked war with another nation.

  49. robro says

    Nathaniel Hellerstein @60 — Unfortunately he doesn’t have the creative power of Kubrick to make it really work. Like most things Trumpian, he’s cheap and fake even with rehearsals in front of a mirror.

    fishy @ 61 — He may have a dresser. No doubt he has professional help with the hair that’s part of his entourage. No big time Hollywood star…like Don Don…would be without one.

  50. birgerjohansson says

    I am expecting some film surprise, like white android blood leaking, or maybe his lower jaw doing a Ron Perlman and splitting sideways in the manner of the super-vampire mouth cavity.
    Not in the British sense, he isn’t. Being in an alcoholic stupor would be an improvement.

  51. rblackadar says

    @20 —
    NYT indeed reports that he told his aides he looked like Churchill. While adding, might I hazard to guess, that that was someone who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more.