Mission actually accomplished

We did it! We got our poster done and printed!

We’re flying off to the American Arachnology Society meeting the week of 24 June, so we even finished ahead of time. There have been meetings where I’m still slicing up copy with an X-acto knife and adding Letraset text the night before — but those were the Olden Times. Now that we can just jiggle things on a computer screen and send it to a printer, now we get it done a week and a half ahead of time.

We also got our registration and housing paid for, and booked our flight to Syracuse…and there’s the catch. The meeting is at Cornell, and we don’t quite know how to bridge that last hour of the trip. There’s no public transportation from the airport to the university! (That’s much like UMM, only we’re 3 hours away from the airport.) We’ll figure that out this week, and if nothing else, we’ll throw money at an uber.

As you might expect, the poster is liberally covered with spiders, so I’ll refrain from posting it here — you’ll have to join my Patreon to see it…or come to the meeting! You’ll see even more spiders!


  1. Oggie: Mathom says

    I would be happy to pick you up and deliver you, but I’ll be in Florida hell. Syracuse is only three hours away. And has a couple of really good used bookstores that have fantastic military history collections. Sorry.

  2. grm1209 says

    Yes, there is a direct bus departing from Syracuse Airport, NY and arriving at Ithaca, NY. Services depart once daily, and operate every day. The journey takes approximately 1h 15m and costs $26 – $35..

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Larpar @ 4
    Oh, my god you have reminded me of one of the worst mainstream films. At least The Giant Claw had a redeeming unintentional humor.

    No what you need is a rig like the one used by immortan Joe.

  4. hemidactylus says

    Rent a Tesla Plaid and you will be at your destination in no time pretending to have zero emissions. I’m curious about the G force. Or at least rent something cool and sporty not made by Muskrat, maybe a Spider sportscar of some make. Or some boring compact hybrid.

    @2 Oggie: Mathom- I’ve been living in hell. Bears have started trotting out of the ocean as things get more surreal.

  5. magistramarla says

    My BFF grew up in that area. She flies into Syracuse when she visits her Dad.
    When she doesn’t rent a car, she says Uber is readily available.
    My husband grew up in the Catskills, and is currently at a conference that is being held about an hour from his hometown.
    He’s having a wonderful time. Enjoy touring around central and upstate New York, PZ! It’s a beautiful part of the country.

  6. rockwhisperer says

    Ah, but did you have the poster printed on paper or cloth? A geology professor I know, who lives/works in the Los Angeles Basin, figured out several years ago that a poster can be printed on cloth now, making it much more manageable on airplanes. I’m disabled and haven’t attended a conference in years, so I don’t know what people are generally using now.

  7. birgerjohansson says

    I have only had one spider try to climb me today. Like dogs, they can smell which people are untrustworthy.

  8. rockwhisperer says

    If we’re going off topic, then PZ, you’ve influenced me. I went to use the bathroom the other day, and just as I entered, a spider dropped down on a silk line between me and the toilet, which is too narrow to safely bypass the spider. I said, “Eeek!” because I was startled. Then, as the spider began climbing back up the line, I added, “Couldya hurry it up? I really gotta go!”

    Not that I’ve never been bothered by spiders in general; anyone who eats mosquitoes is my friend. But now you have me talking to them.

  9. Kevin Karplus says

    Google Maps shows the buses from Syracuse Airport to Cornell—it is not a fast trip, but public transit is certainly doable! You could

    (I’ve found the laptop/desktop version of Google Maps much more usable than the phone version, even though they keep removing useful features, like Schedule Explorer.)

    You could also have flown into Ithaca Tompkins International Airport, though the rarity of flights probably would have added more time to your travel than a few hours on the bus.