Oh no! They’re going to have to get sober!

Maybe certain Kansans are going to oppose the “woke” by drinking Coors, but I have news for them.

Coors Light has been a sponsor of the Center on Colfax and the Pride Parade and Denver PrideFest for nearly two decades,” said Molson Coors spokesperson Michael Nordman. “Our Pride runs mile high so we are excited to support the Center’s vital programs and services that positively impact the LGBTQ community.”

Thanks to support from companies such as Molson Coors, Denver PrideFest has become the largest celebration of LGBTQ pride in the Rocky Mountain region.

I’m still not going to drink it.


  1. johnson catman says

    Oh no!! Look out for someone to post videos of them shooting at and missing cases of Coors beer! Pretty soon, all beer will be considered “wokified” and no conservatives will be allowed to drink any brand. Poor old Judge Kegstand will have to switch to hard liquor.

  2. fusilier says

    Molson Coors?

    I guess wokeness is what ya get when ya sell out to a Canuckian company. [/s]


    James 2:24

  3. nomaduk says

    Taking socially beneficial stances doesn’t excuse brewing (together with Pabst and Miller) the worst beer on the planet.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    The gang from God Awful Movies / The Scathing Atheist will be performing at Phoenix this weekend!
    (and if you go there you can go and get drunk on any beverage of your choice afterwards).

    Myself I prefer Norrlands Guld (the ‘golden’ beer of north Sweden, strong enough you will be too dizzy to think about pronouns)

  5. birgerjohansson says

    Guys, if you ferment herring but change the recipy a bit you should be able to get some ethanol the atheist Swedish way, Surströmming flavored.

    And if you are into Norse gods, ferment those Greenland sharks like they do in Iceland. Just bury them in the sand for six months to get rid of the ammonia
    (Odin is a shaman, so he able to transcend mores about gender roles ; like he practices sejd- whirchcraft- which is normally a women’s thing).

  6. says

    @2 bcw bcw
    How is Coors’ Light like making love in a canoe?
    I reply, OOh, OOh, I remember this:
    That’s an old joke about Mae West being asked to name a new beer. She took a swig and said ‘call it love in a canoe’. Why? they asked. she said ‘because it’s f*cking near water!’

  7. says

    @8 birgerjohansson said: Guys, if you ferment herring but change the recipy a bit you should be able to get some ethanol the atheist Swedish way, Surströmming flavored.
    I reply: One of our artists responded to you with the old joke about ‘I tried smoking herring, but I couldn’t keep it lit’
    Redneck Kansas (literally, because farmers often got sunburned necks) used to limit beer to 3.2% alcohol, but often it was full of adulterants. And, many of my relatives that lived in Kansas were rtwingnut bigots all their lives.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    Shermanj @ 10
    Staying in rural, very Christian American places all the life is strongly correlated to MAGA-ism.
    Obviously if you move at least during one phase of your life- usually for college or similar education- you will get some exposure to the world outside. And hopefully want something better than Fox News.
    BTW I was in the Center Party youth league, the party had its roots in the Swedish countryside but was – and is – quite progressive.

    Having a public service TV and public service radio made a BIG difference to the cultural trajectory of the Swedish countryside.
    I did not sample a lot of beer brands, alcohol is expensive here. I mean really expensive.

  9. fishy says

    Back in the 70’s we had a neighbor who was a truck driver and he would make trips out west.
    Coors wasn’t sold in our state and had an aura of respectable illegality.
    My Dad got Bob to bring him a few cases now and again.
    It seems silly now.
    Sorry, dad.

  10. Snidely W says

    I wouldn’t drink any Coors beer, either. It might make a usable toilet bowl cleaner, though.
    Molson lagers, on the other hand, are among the best mass-produced beers out there.
    Strange blend of companies.

  11. wzrd1 says

    I dunno, I’m still partial to Franziskaner Weissbier, can’t really stand American swill. I’ll also occasionally enjoy a Guinness stout. For my primary ethanol usage, it’s distilled spirits.
    Which reminds me, the tanker with my ethanol is late…

    Got my COVID booster today at the VA. My primary isn’t administering them, referring people to pharmacies instead. Boy, is it a trek to Lebanon! Then, the Lyft drivers all bailed, VA shared ride had to call an Uber instead.

  12. johnson catman says

    re brucej @14: I guess they will have to try to find some Russian Vodka on the black market.

  13. magistramarla says

    No beer in this house. We prefer good Scotch, either Ardbeg or Glen Morangie.

  14. says

    If they want to boycott companies that don’t back the pride movement, the only furniture in their house would be My Pillow. They would only eat Chick-fil-A. And everything in their kitchen would be pottery barn.

    The reason for this is because pride and queer rights are very popular. Bigotry and hatred not so much. It’s a numbers game. They ask a corporate spokes-critter “do you support Pride?”, The answer is YES or you will lose sales. End of the day there are more of us than there are of them.

    Those endorsements would change in a minute if the USA were to degenerate into a nasty hate filled theocracy ala Handmaids Tale.

  15. billseymour says

    magistramarla @18:  yeah, the only distilled spirit I actually like is a good single-malt.

    I had occasion to spend a couple of nights in Wick, Scotland in November of ’19 and had a taste of Old Pulteney.  I had made sure that the bartender knew that I was limited to one shot neat because I like it too much, if you get my drift. 8-)

  16. wzrd1 says

    Ray Ceeya @19, so that’s hurt Hobby Lobby how much thus far?

    Matt G @21, I far prefer Black Bush Irish whiskey. But, well, I’m big on novel culinary experiences and drinks qualify. :)
    Or, I’ll try anything twice.
    Because, once might be lethal.
    Always gets a laugh.

  17. cheerfulcharlie says

    CoorsLight? Or as it is known in Colorado, Rocky Mountain Goat Piss. Now with more Woke!

    Feh! Guiness Extra Stout, or at least Corona Familia.

  18. birgerjohansson says

    In Britain, I think laager beer is popular. If it is good enough for Britain’s finest football hooligans (and groundskeeper Willy) it is probably good enough for Mericans.

  19. JoeBuddha says

    Now, THAT’S a bridge too far. You mean, now I have to drink that soda water with half a dash of alcohol to support Pride? Sorry; I’m partial to beer.

  20. muttpupdad says

    I solved the problem back when I could still drink beer by brewing my own. Taught by my Daddy when I was but a wee lad.

  21. Owlmirror says

    I was musing on the rhyme of “queer beer”, and wondered, is there a Queer Beer brewery? Well, pretty close:


    But I also found an article that reminded me that Coors used to be boycotted by gay bars, and the recent support of pride events is actually a more recent change in policy:


    the Coors boycott was one of the longest-running consumer boycotts in modern U.S. history, stretching from the 1950s to the 1990s. It began in 1957, when brewery workers went on strike at the flagship Coors facility in Colorado and asked allies to boycott the beer in support. Over the next decade, Black and Mexican American activists in Colorado and the West also boycotted the company’s products for its allegedly discriminatory hiring practices.


    Joe Coors was a busy man in the world of conservative politics. He co-founded the right-wing Heritage Foundation, launched a short-lived conservative news network called TVN, and was a loyal backer of Ronald Reagan’s national political ambitions from 1976 onward. By the 1990s, Joe and other family members were also linked to Moral Majority and anti-gay, family-values candidates and causes. Boycotters thus rejected Coors beer as a way of protesting these broader politics. As one boycott leaflet noted in 1997, “When you support Coors, they fight against your rights.” It was, they said, “Trickle Down Homophobia.”

  22. whheydt says

    Re: bcw bcw @ #2….
    As shermanj @ #9 notes (one variant). The claim about American beer is: It’s fucking close to water.