Hmmm, I was right?

I said we should cancel Scott Adams, and gosh, look what happened: people spoke up all across the country, and Scott Adams was canceled.

Newspapers across the United States have pulled Scott Adams’s long-running “Dilbert” comic strip after the cartoonist called Black Americans a “hate group” and said White people should “get the hell away from” them.

I guess it’s easy to be a prophet when you predict the obvious stuff.

One could argue that this means Adams will be whining indignantly about injustice and those damned libs some more, but that’s fine, he has free speech, he can complain all he wants, I simply won’t be hearing about it and can take some satisfaction in the fact that he won’t be making as much money off his bigotry anymore.


  1. wzrd1 says

    Well, any nation that has 15% of their population as a hate group is a nation already internally defeated, so he’s simply proven to all that he’s a hateful bigot.
    So, good riddance to bad rubbish.

  2. says

    One could argue that this means Adams will be whining indignantly about injustice and those damned libs some more, but that’s fine, he has free speech, he can complain all he wants

    Of course he will whine indignantly. Problem is, he will claim he doesn’t have free speech now that he’s facing consequences for his statements.
    I just checked the first amendment, though, and it says nothing about the right of a racist shitmonger to have a nationally syndicated comic strip published in newspapers all over the country regardless of what publishers want to pay for or print.

  3. lanir says

    The one saving grace to all the crazy racist/mysoginist/loony right wing nonsense is that it tells all the true believers that they’re entitled to a bunch of deference to their bad ideas and their persons. Can you imagine how much worse it would be if the self-serving jackasses who spun all this up had just told their followers they had to fight to get these things rather than telling them they should already have them as some sort of fait accompli?

  4. hemidactylus says

    Dilbert was still running in newspapers? I didn’t know. Or care.

    My tastes were simple at first, the feline duo Heathcliff and Garfield. Then I graduated to Bloom County for more sophisticated humor. There was a cat in that too. I did like Snoopy in Peanuts and he got bullied by a cat.

    Don’t know if Berke Breathed ever did anything worth canceling for. I kinda lost interest with Outland and haven’t looked back since.

    Dilbert always looked silly and uninteresting to me. No great loss.

  5. says

    Breathed has been quite active on FB and has even released a bunch of new Bloom County strips there. Supposedly working on a Bloom County animated series

  6. says


    Bloom County had some cancellable moments. When John-in-the-wheelchair first showed up, having a shirt from Penney’s was part of the checklist that made him “husband material” for Bobbi. Milo’s uncle. Just about anything involving Steve Dallas. Interspecies reproduction resulting in a litter of Jackabasselopes.

    All of which relate more closely to reality than anything in Dilbert.

  7. chrislawson says

    I’m sure he’ll take a financial hit from losing those syndications, but (1) he’s being making huge money for three decades now, so he should have a huge pile of moolah stashed away, and (2) if he wants, he’ll do fine on the conservative martyrdom circuit with the added bonus that he can just recycle the same talking points ad infinitum and doesn’t have to come up with 6 cartoons a week for his dough.

  8. hemidactylus says

    It sounds silly to say some of my friends, acquaintances, ex-gfs, coworkers, heroes, and despised dickheads (looking at you Ye, Candace Owens, and Clarence Thomas) are black. But yeah. I focus on the gfs and friends mostly.

  9. says

    …(1) he’s being making huge money for three decades now, so he should have a huge pile of moolah stashed away, and (2) if he wants, he’ll do fine on the conservative martyrdom circuit…

    Sounds like a great match for JK Rowling…

  10. says

    I liked Dilbert when I was working IT back in the 90s but sometime in the early 2000s Scott Adams came out as a climate change denier. That was the first red flag. There have been many more. Same reason I don’t read Michael Crichton any more. Neither of them know anything about climate science and yet they won’t shut up about it.

  11. HidariMak says

    Ray Ceeya @ 15
    Same here. But then it was climate denial, creationism sock puppetry, and other reasons to stop caring. I wonder how long it’ll be before he’s on Alex Jones.

  12. birgerjohansson says

    I recommend Pearls Before Pigs.
    And the re-runs of Get Fuzzy (they have cats. And dogs).
    I think the male crocodiles in Pearls Before Pigs are MAGA voters. And Rat is such a self-centered asshole, he is worse than Eric Cartman.

  13. says

    I think you mean “Pearls Before Swine”, and yes, I agree about the crocs. Goat is the thoughtful one, and the puns can be stunning.

  14. says

    One of the newspapers commented they had to rerun old dilbert strips because the quality of Adams’ recent work did not meet their standards. Sounds like Adams was maybe not so funny any more.

    I thought it was old hat back in the early 00s.

  15. StevoR says

    Aussie ABC has this :

    Various media publishers across the US denounced the comments by Dilbert creator Scott Adams as racist, hateful and discriminatory while saying they would no longer provide a platform for his work. Andrews McMeel Syndication, which distributes Dilbert, did not immediately respond to requests for comment. … (snip).. The Los Angeles Times cited Adams’ “racist comments” while announcing Saturday that Dilbert will be discontinued Monday in most editions and that its final run in the Sunday comics — which are printed in advance — will be March 12.

    The San Antonio Express-News, which is part of Hearst Newspapers, said that it will drop the Dilbert comic strip, effective Monday, “because of hateful and discriminatory public comments by its creator.”

    The USA Today Network tweeted on Friday that it also will stop publishing Dilbert “due to recent discriminatory comments by its creator.”

    The Plain Dealer in Cleveland and other publications that are part of Advance Local media also announced that they are dropping Dilbert.

    “This is a decision based on the principles of this news organisation and the community we serve,” wrote Chris Quinn, editor of The Plain Dealer.

    “We are not a home for those who espouse racism. We certainly do not want to provide them with financial support.”

    Christopher Kelly, vice president of content for NJ Advance Media, wrote that the news organisation believes in “the free and fair exchange of ideas”.

    “But when those ideas cross into hate speech, a line must be drawn,” Mr Kelly wrote.

    Source :

  16. microraptor says

    chrislawson @11: Adams hasn’t been coming up with his own material for decades. He was very open about the fact that in the late 90s/early 00s he’d started publishing stories that had been submitted to him by readers without acknowledging or crediting them in any way.

  17. says

    I was quite surprised at how HUGELY racist Scott Adams proved himself to be with his own words. Also, I think (HOPE) the NatC’s ‘national day of hate’ was ovewhelmed by decent people. I saw a vid of many carrying rainbow umbrellas and a picture of someone holding a great sign that said ‘shalom, motherfuckers’

    There are many good, honest comics out there. These stand out (progressive leaning) (reviews many comics on specific topics) also posts a lot of pertinent info and comments

  18. rpjohnston says

    He’ll be making more money off his bigotry, actually. He’ll be the new celebrity going on Fox tours crying about being canceled and grifting donations from the magats who want to be like him because that their national economy, same as Helena Taylor, Kyle Rittenhouse, and that coach who went to the supreme court, got an order to be rehired, and is going on tour lying that they won’t rehire because why get paid 100k to coach when you can get paid 10m and the adoration of millions to feel sorry for yourself.

    Not that he should’ve not been dropped. I guarentee you that was in the calculations though. Heads he gets to piss all over the boundaries of polite society and cuck the libs into not doing shit; tails he gets to go on tour, make millions, and make his profile among his people even bigger.

  19. JoeBuddha says

    I was very disappointed when he came out as a troll and an unapologetic sock puppet user. However, when someone asked him which of his characters he most identified with, he said, “Wally”. So, I shouldn’t have been surprised.

  20. wzrd1 says

    Ray Ceeya @ 16, Michael Crichton isn’t going to produce anything new, as he died in 2008. His work has since been fresher.
    Just as Adams career just died, from a very similar malignant disease.

    OT, new headline that the National Laboratories are going to investigate if COVID was man made. Wonderful idea, asking those who largely make nukes to research biology. Next week, maybe we’ll ask the National Ignition lab for a cure to cancer and the NSA for a cure to Alzheimer’s.
    Then, order a birthday cake from the butcher, a cut of beef from the candlestick maker and a bunch of birthday candles from the baker.
    Why, oh why don’t we select competent candidates for office?!

  21. wsierichs says

    If Adams wants to avoid black people as much as possible, he absolutely must stay away from Baton Rouge, La. The city’s population is majority black, and East Baton Rouge Parish (county) is about 45 percent black.The parish-city government has elected 2 black chief executives in a row (one for 3 terms, the latest, a black woman, in her second term.). I live in the city and many of the people I deal with in businesses and medicine are black. Personally, I hope Scott never moves here. We don’t need him and he would probably drive down property values!

    Also, the newspaper here (which is the main daily newspaper for the Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Lafayette areas, announced today that it is canceling ‘Dilbert.” (No one tell Musk so he doesn’t throw a Twitter fit). The last Dilbert cartoon will be whenever the next batch of comics pages , which are pre-printed, are received.

  22. says

    “Dilbert” isn’t in the Washington Post’s Sunday comics, so I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see if the Post dumped the strip too.

    Oops, I just remembered it’s in the Sunday Business section…and it’s still here. This week is not starting well…

  23. says

    Adams … was very open about the fact that in the late 90s/early 00s he’d started publishing stories that had been submitted to him by readers without acknowledging or crediting them in any way.

    So that means we can dump “Dilbert” and still have good material to replace it, if only someone could get in touch with Adams’s sources.

  24. says

    Been wondering where his “Poll” came from. Seems to be from a group called Rasmussen. Not only a right wing propaganda outfit, but they have most of their material paywalled. People actually pay to be fed lies. Part of me is dumbfounded, but to the rest of me it makes sense. Think about it. If you pay money you are invested in the success of the enterprise. They pay extra to be told what they want to hear and what they want to hear is how much more successful Trump would be as president. That’s my conclusion after about an hour long dive into their site.