Walleye fishing is a big deal here in the upper midwest, and fishermen may be known to exaggerate the size of their catch somewhat, but this is going too far. In a fishing competition, one team did more than just talk up their catch, they committed abuse of an animal corpse to pad their numbers.

The competition in Cleveland was supposed to last two days but was cut down to just Friday because of bad weather. Fishermen in roughly 65 two-man teams started the day in a specific location on Lake Erie and had eight hours to catch the biggest set of five fish.

That was going to be Runyan and Cominsky, until Fischer pulled 10 weights totaling seven pounds out of their entry, the tournament director said. Plus, Fischer added, he found filets from other fish that had been stuffed down the walleyes’ throats to beef them up. Unlike weights, filets escape the notice of metal detectors.

“It was just simply walleye filets inside of a walleye,” he said.

Wow. That’s just blatant. Those two guys are going to be so intensely ostracized in the fishing community, and they’re never going to be trusted again, that they ought to just hang their heads in shame, throw their gear in the trash, and never set foot in a boat again. If you think cancel culture is harsh on the internet, getting caught lying to such an extreme is going to utterly ruin these guys’ hobby.

Chase Cominsky, left, and Jacob Runyan, right

Wait, those guys’ coats are splattered with commercial logos? Did they have pro sponsorships? Kiss those goodbye, too.


  1. Larry says

    Shove a 5/0 treble hook down their throats and haul them to the Cuyahoga river behind a four-wheeler and throw ’em in. Let the catfish take care of the carcasses.

  2. says

    What’s going on in chess is accusations without evidence, unlike here.

    Grandmaster Ben FineGold says that Hans Niemann didn’t cheat (over the board–he is known to have cheated as a teenager in online chess) and, as Ben Finegold has pointed out many times, Ben Finegold is never wrong. (Yes, this is an inside chess joke inside a chess subcommunity, but this whole affair is an inside chess thing that people outside the chess community aren’t going to fully understand.)