1. wzrd1 says

    @seachange, it’s a tad young for that.
    Besides, can’t you see the sabertooth cat scratches on the upper walls? They were murder when we went to school, they loved to shred our homework!

  2. lasius says

    Over here we have barns that are more than 400 years old and are still in use.

  3. woozy says

    Sigh… I read 100 year old barn and see the image and think the 1870s or so.

    See 1923 and think “who in their right mind thinks 1923 is a century old and … oh”

    But, wow, that is overkill.

  4. says

    Yes. It collapsed in the 1970s. It was made of wood rather than stone, and had to cope with snow and wind. We found a few fragments of lumber in the grass from, probably, the roof.

  5. wzrd1 says

    It looks like the roof leaked for a while before collapsing inward, hence the upper course of stonework is gone on the presenting side.
    Damned shame, with only a bit of TLC, that thing could’ve lasted far, far longer.