Another fun morning

It’s a physical therapy day for me…and it seems futile. My back problems are getting worse, so it’s just a little torture session that won’t do a thing for me. It’s all I’ve got for now.

Tomorrow I get an MRI. I have no idea how long it will be after that that they come up with a treatment plan that works, or even if such a plan might exist. So once again, later today, I’ll take my little pill and zone out into the brain fog.


  1. Tethys says

    I had a crappy physical therapist who tried to tell me my back pain was due to poor posture, and her treatment was a piece of tape. Completely worthless, yet she got paid well for nothing. I also had a good one, but there are plenty who aren’t.

    I was t-boned by a semi truck, and have permanent nerve damage in my neck and an injured hip from getting slammed into the door at 30 mph, so the ‘poor posture’ was an attempt to escape the knot of pain that was between my shoulder blades.

    I know you think they are woo, but I spent three months in agony before I went to a highly recommended chiropractor in desperation. An osteopath who could get your lumbar issues back into a proper alignment might be worth a visit?

    She fixed the horrible neck knot in one appointment! It was glorious after months of being unable to turn my head. She is the person who then hooked me up with a physical therapist who did the deep tissue pain massage and gave me daily stretching exercises which worked.

  2. vereverum says

    Tell them you want a copy.
    You get a dvd with all the images and the software to view them.
    It’s really fascinating.
    And maybe with some pareidolia you might find an alien parasite in there.

  3. vereverum says

    ^ at least it’s that way where I go. Your place may do things differently.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Since the leading Dems rarely their spines, I think it will be possible to work out a swap.

  5. taxesmycredulity says

    Probably better to hold off on PT until after you’ve got the MRI results and a more accurate diagnosis of your problem so as to avoid unintentional additional damage by a therapist. This has happened to both my husband and myself. Hope you heal well and soon but do be patient: it tends to take a while.