Saying the quiet part out loud

This is sickening. Some of the Gender Critical assholes think they’ve achieved critical mass to begin their program of eradicating transgender people.

Helen Joyce says every person who is transgender is damaged and is a huge problem to a sane world and we’re going to have to accommodate them for 50,60,70 years, and their solution is reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition. This is some kind of Nazi shit. But she’s not being heartless, oh no! It’s for the greater good! You gotta dehumanize your target (they’re damaged), present them as a “problem”, suggest the preliminary step is to prevent them from proliferating, and then the ground will be prepared for the final solution.

I can recognize eliminationist rhetoric when I see it.


  1. says

    The ugliness is not confined to the UK or the USA. Australia has just seen its federal government kicked out of office after 10 years of disastrous right wing rule. The PM was a failed advertising executive and an even bigger failure as a PM. When Australia was on fire a little over two years ago he took off for a holiday in Hawaii and when caught out responded that it wasn’t his job to hold a hose. One of the candidates for his party in a relatively safe seat expressed her opinion that transgender people were surgically mutilated and shouldn’t be allowed to transition. The PM defended her views. Thankfully they both lost. He is a Pentecostal Christian which clearly gives him the politician’s and advertising executive’s ability to talk in tongues. The founder of his church is a child molester and his son who took over from him now faces charges for covering up his father’s crimes. This lot even tried to pass laws allowing such hate speech under the banner of religious freedom.

  2. StevoR says

    Wow. Nazi shit indeed. Imagine if this was said about any ethnic or religious minority group. I hope it gets the well-deserved backlash it deserves.

    “Every one of those people” is damaged? I guess the sub-text there is if they aren’ty we’;ll make sure they are by not letting them be who they are.

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    Republicans have antisocial personality disorder and most of their paladins have low intellect and extreme educational deficiency. We ought to be keeping people like that out of public view where they may utter dumb shit. And out of public toilets: their psychosexual obsession with other people’s bathroom habits is a leading indicator of pathological behaviors including child molestation. Catholics should not be allowed in public toilets, and southern baptists probably either. These are sick people. They have my sympathy, but keep them away from me!

  4. StevoR says

  5. Aoife_b says

    We’re only a few steps behind England here in the States. So happy I rebooted my life just in time for this shit /s

  6. robro says

    StevoR — As I’m sure you know, such things are said about ethnic and religious groups (doesn’t matter their “minority” status) all the time in this country (USA). Most of the time it’s behind the closed doors of homes or social clubs, but it’s not uncommon for it to be out in the open.

  7. Pierce R. Butler says

    Transphobes are clearly damaged and a huge problem to a sane world – how can we keep down or reduce the number who become transphobes, because we’ll have to accommodate them for 50, 60, 70 years: the fewer of those people there are, the better.

    Oh, hi, Helen J & Helen S!

  8. drew says

    I like hearing right wing people wanting to “re-acknowledge the world of sex,” because they’ve been trying to stifle “the world of sex” for so long. But somehow they even manage to get this twisted.

  9. rabbitbrush says

    And, speaking of Fascist sex-deviants, how about those Ohio Republicans? Sick and perverted people. Add Ohio to the Kristall-clear List of States, Floriduh and Texass.

  10. wajim says

    To paraphrase ‘The Simpsons’: sounds like somebody’s got a bad case of the “Supposed-das.” Apparently these folks have nothing better to do than meddle in other folks’ lives. Perhaps they should get one of their own

  11. Larry says

    Apparently these folks have nothing better to do than meddle in other folks’ lives

    Near as I can figure, meddling in other folk’s lives is THE prime directive of their religion. They’re gonna assimilate you even if it kills you. All in jesus’ love, naturally.

  12. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 8

    Oh, I’m sure stifling sex is still very much on the right’s agenda. They probably think it is easier to go after the “deviants” and “perverts” in the LGBTQ+ community before trying to reimpose their taboos on unauthorized heterosexual activities.

  13. Artor says

    Having recently watched Hot Fuzz, I have a very cynical view of that phrase, “for the greater good.”

  14. Akira MacKenzie says

    @ 13

    Warhammer 40K fans who play Tau are also familiar with that phrase.

  15. raven says

    Helen Joyce says every person who is transgender is damaged…

    Oh really?
    Assertion without proof or data and may be dismissed without proof or data.
    No they aren’t.

    …and is a huge problem to a sane world…

    WTF??? I actually don’t personally know any Transgender people in Real Life. I’ve only even seen a few here or there.
    And they haven’t caused any problems to me or that I’m even aware of.
    Haters, bigots, and kooks like Helen Joyce on the other hand, are huge problems for the world, sane or not.

    …and we’re going to have to accommodate them for 50,60,70 years, …

    This is cosmically dumb.
    No, you aren’t going to have to accommodate them for 70 years.
    You aren’t going to have to do anything except…
    leave the Trans people the hell alone, bigots!!!
    It’s their right and you have no right to run anyone else’s lives.

    …and their solution is reducing or keeping down the number of people who transition.

    None of their business and none of their concern. Get lost kooks.

    The people we have to watch out for who are actively harming our society are people like Helen Joyce.

  16. raven says

    …and is a huge problem to a sane world…

    Helen Joyce managed to put a huge amount of crazy in a few sentences. That is all she did right though.

    No Trans aren’t a huge problem to me or the sane world. Or even the insane world that we actually all live in. I’ve got a lot more real things to worry about than if the Trans people I don’t know who or where they are, exist.

    The future was overrated.
    I never got my jet pack or flying car.
    Here it is, 2022.
    I get up in the morning and watch Russian tanks get blown up on Reddit or Youtube.
    Listen to the Russian State TV spokespeople threaten to kill me in a nuclear war and talk about deMilitarizing NATO and the USA.
    Then, I decide to risk my life getting infected by a novel virus, Covid-19, to buy cat food at Safeway.
    They might not even have the right cat food, since there are sporadic supply chain shortages and they are often all out.
    I notice that prices for everything are up 10% or so, due to inflation, except gasoline which has doubled.
    This won’t effect me much but a lot of lower income people are struggling right now.

    So where are Trans people on the list of problems to worry about? Nowhere, because they aren’t any sort of problem.
    Helen Joyce and people like her are the problem.

  17. birgerjohansson says

    Maybe we can fight evil with evil? Convince David Icke that Helen Joyce is working for the Jewish reptiles from space, and he will tell his followers to harass her.

    The rest of us have plenty of more formidable fascist threats to deal with, like the MAGA hats and their supreme court (If they are not stopped they will come after trans people, too).

  18. seachange says

    My cats are picky. I agree with #16 raven
    The wrong food can result in snubs and horks and meows for the right food. This is a much more destructive thing to happen to civilization.

  19. Roi Du Voyageur says

    At the risk of sounding naïve, why are some people such fucking gross examples of human beings?

  20. gijoel says

    @17 He’s more likely to buy into her bullshit and start harassing trans-activists.

  21. StevoR says

    @ 15 &16 raven : Truth! Very well put.

    @6. robro : Your’e right sadly. But Iguess framing it along ethnic religious lines make sit a bit clearaer for some how genocidal such rhetoric is.

    @18. seachange : The cat that owns me refuses to eat anything other than one brand of dried food so, yes. .

  22. Ariaflame, BSc, BF, PhD says

    As several people have pointed out, this concern about the ‘burden’ they will present (though to be honest being called by their preferred pronouns etc. is not a huge burden) is also massively ableist. After all there’s many people who have ongoing expenses throughout their lives (admittedly the USA tends to try and put the burden of those costs solely on those people and their families) for various reasons. Without my glasses I wouldn’t be able to see well enough to drive. Other people need insulin to survive, or other forms of medication.

  23. Silentbob says

    TERFs: “Why do they call us Nazis? We’re lefty feminists! Such hyperbole!”

    Also TERFs: “…anyway, as I was saying, what we need to do is bypass the public, seize power, and find a final solution to the Transgender Problem for the sake of the purity of our people and to remove this degeneracy from out midst.”

  24. birgerjohansson says

    Good news from Britain. The tories will vote about scrapping Boris Johnson.
    Johnson and Trump are the great enablers for scumbags.

  25. chrislawson says

    And transgender people will continue to be damaged — by transeradicators like Staniland and Joyce. This is, as you say, flat out Nazi shit.

  26. chrislawson says

    Speaking of which, I would like the UN to update its definition of genocide to include gender identity and sexual orientation. Currently it covers “national, ethnical, racial or religious” groups only. These groups definitely need protecting, but I was surprised to see that the definition didn’t cover sex/gender minorities, especially since the concept of genocide was developed in response to Nazi atrocities, and homosexuals were one of the groups Nazis sent to die in concentration camps.

  27. StevoR says

    @ ^ chrislawson : Agreed.

    PS. Anyone know what if anything Ophelia Benson and JK Rowling think of Helens Joyce & Stanikland here? / Morbid curiosity.

    PPS. Also morbid curiosity again but anyone know which “Graham” the two Helen’s refer to in the speech here? (21 seconds mark.)

  28. birgerjohansson says

    From ‘Hellsing Ultimate Abridged’:
    Alucard:”Are they nazis?”
    Integra: “No, that would be r*tarded.”

    Later, after a fact-finding mission.
    Alucard texting:”They are nazis!”

  29. Cutty Snark says

    StevoR @ 27

    Also morbid curiosity again but anyone know which “Graham” the two Helen’s refer to in the speech here? (21 seconds mark.)

    At a guess, probably Graham Linehan (writier of Father Ted and The IT Crowd). He’s very far down the rabbithole by now…

  30. Ada Christine says

    ah yes, I’m trans because I’m damaged, not the other way around. love these nuggets of wisdom about my life from the Trans Understanders

  31. llyris says

    So “trans people are damaged”. Well, yes. I am willing to agree with that. But there seems to be an unwritten rider – I am supposed to assume that ONLY trans people are damaged and everyone else is fine, and that’s utter bollocks. We’re all damaged and there is no real difference between us.
    What ‘sane world’ does she mean?