Some celebration

Last night was the night we celebrated our wedding anniversary, and wow, but I am exhausted this morning.

Get your brain out of the gutter. It wasn’t like that.

We went out to a movie — Marry Me, a silly little trifle with an absurd premise (big famous pop star, Jennifer Lopez, discovers the man she was about to marry was cheating on her, so she picks a random guy out of her audience, Owen Wilson, and asks him to marry her. He accepts. Best part of the movie was when they go through the ceremony, the guy is asked “do you take this woman yadda yadda”, and he answers “OK” in a nasal Owen Wilson voice. Perfect. The rest was anticlimactic.)

Normally, I wouldn’t even consider going to this kind of movie, but it seemed thematically appropriate to the occasion.

You might think the evening had nowhere to go but up from there, except…when we visited our granddaughter earlier this week, she had a bad cold and a runny nose. Guess who got it? Me. I have been turned into a horrible snot monster. That’s an actual photo of me. I’ll spare you the sound effects, which are gross and glurbly.

Bad enough, you say, but then Mary got savagely sick. More ghastly wimperings, lying on the bathroom floor, I was kicked out of my slimy sleeping nest a few times.

Then the cat started vomiting in sympathy.

And now, my spring break is more than half over, and I have to get grading done.


  1. cjcolucci says

    Get your brain out of the gutter. It wasn’t like that.

    Once you get to be our age, you just have to accept it.

  2. R. L. Foster says

    Could’ve been Covid. My bout with Omicron felt like a bog standard cold. Three days of sore throat and runny nose and done. Mary’s more severe symptoms would seem to bolster this theory. I’m sure that you guys of all people are fully vaxxed. On a brighter note since all mammals can contract Covid this might be a way to rid yourself of that four-legged nuisance you’re always complaining about.

  3. Artor says

    I don’t think you guys have a pathogen going around. You’re obviously having a reaction from watching that movie.

  4. raven says

    You really need to take a Covid-19 test, either the rapid at home antigen test or better the PCR one.

    Even mild cases of Covid-19 virus can have lasting after effects, the long hauler syndrome.

    That happened to my friend. She got Covid-19 virus early on, in march of 2020. Her doctor refused to have her tested because she wasn’t that sick and testing at that time was very limited. Then she came down with long hauler problems. And has been having problems with getting the medical system to take them seriously. Because she was never tested and has no test result that says she had Covid-19 virus.

    Don’t test and then blame the patient for not have a test result, not very helpful.

  5. blf says

    I concur with the advice for Mary and her pet Snot Monster to be tested for Covid-19, PCR if possible — and, of course, especially if either test comes back positive, to let the grandsnotmonster’s parents know (and visa-versa).

  6. magistramarla says

    I’m so sorry that this happened to you and Mary on your anniversary. I hope that you all feel better soon, including the cat.
    Did you get some of those free COVID tests? Use them!
    And cjcolucci @3 – Not necessarily true! My husband and I are the same age as PZ, and that is most definitely not true in this house. In fact, it’s better now that we are empty-nesters!

  7. PaulBC says

    This will be stuck in my head for a while:

    And there they saw some snot
    It wasn’t snot
    It was a snot monster
    Snot monster
    Snot monster
    Snot monster
    Snot monster

  8. dianne says

    Yeah, about your covid status…Because that sure sounds like covid in a vaccinated person with breakthrough infection. Of course it also sounds like rhinovirus, non-covid coronavirus, adeno…