When you’ve lost the crypto bros, you’re being rejected by the bottom of the barrel

How would you react to this announcement?

I can’t imagine ever wanting to attend a crypto conference in the first place, so telling me that Jordan Peterson is going to be speaking would be like ordering a shit sandwich and the vendor offering me a free shit milkshake. No thank you, twice.

What’s interesting though, is that this announcement was made on a subreddit full of crypto bros, the expected audience for such a conference, and their reaction was entertaining.

To paraphrase, “What? Jordan Peterson supports crypto? Maybe this bitcoin stuff is all a grift after all, maybe I better get out while I can.” They’re wondering if Alex Jones is going to get on the bandwagon, and that if Ted Cruz and Tucker Carlson support it already that might mean they’re the baddies after all.

The right people are becoming toxic, I guess.


  1. Reginald Selkirk says

    What? Jordan Peterson supports crypto?”

    Maybe. Or maybe Jordan Peterson is a whore will support anything for bucks. Next question: is he being paid in bitcoins or dollars?

  2. says

    I can’t believe even crypto-bros would be dumb enough to think bringing in JP is a good idea, or good optics, for cryptocurrency or its supporters. How is he even relevant here? Is he an economist? A banker? An investment manager? A techie with any understanding of how cryptocurrencies “work?” Seriously, WTF could he possibly have to say on this subject? What Jungian archetype would be applicable here?

    I thought shark-jumping was a Summer-Olympic event…

  3. chrislawson says

    Raging Bee–

    The cryptobro movement is moving into its blatant scam phase, and bringing in fellow exploiters of gullibility makes for good synergy.

  4. PaulBC says

    The first thing that leaps out is how much the conference logo looks like “Obit coin.” I take that as a promising sign.

  5. Akira MacKenzie says

    Crypto-bro: “What? Jordan Peterson is going to speak at CryptoCon? I don’t want to get involved with that creep! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I got to get back to my 3-day online debate whether the age of consent should be 12 or 11!”

  6. gijoel says

    Reddit: “Have you noticed that our caps have actually got little pictures of skulls on them? Hans… are we the baddies?”

  7. StevoR says

    @ 7. bcw bcw : Looks interesting but sadly that’s paywalled – at least in Oz. Clicked it but couldn’t see it since it wants me to subscribe. Very frustrating and increasingly common and I think detrimental since misinfo is more often free whilst good interesting articles like that and actual papers I think too are often hidden behind paywalls or subscribe walls etc ..

    PS. I presume you do know there’s the Infinite thread :


    for off topic things here right?

  8. vereverum says

    @8 Akira MacKenzie
    I will support 11 since it is far easier to rotate in the mind than 12.

  9. says

    Here in Oregon I was writing crypto off as a gag until the dispensaries started using it. They had to because the current law forbids them from doing direct credit transactions. So if you want to charge that joint to your card, they first convert it to crypto then to real money as a work around. So here at least there’s a crypto backed by cannabis. Good job Oregon. You are legitimizing a nasty evil scam by forcing sellers of a safe recreational drug to be sneaky about how their customers buy their product. The whole thing reeks of Republican “Compromise”. “We’ll let you sell pot, but we’re going to make it slightly harder”.

    Next time the Oregon Republicans walk out on the job to prevent a vote (this is now an annual tradition for them) I hope they walk right off a bridge. They won’t be missed.

  10. trollofreason says

    Considering the an-cap nature of crypto’s origins, hiring Peterson is just baffling. I mean, isn’t he the one who made a career out if saying that hierarchy & stratification of wealth & privilege are a good thing? Crypto is all about a dick measuring contest between the moderately wealthy social/financial ignorants who don’t know how deflationary commodities work, & the truly wealthy who don’t care, as they’ve long closed off the avenues of innovation & finance that they used to plunder their way to the top.