On the mend for Christmas!

I’m feeling heroic. For the first time in months, I walked all the way to my lab and back (a distance of less than 100 meters) on my own two feet. The secret was to wear a pair of oversized, felt-lined boots that did not tickle my Achilles tendon at all, although they made a clumsy gallumphing thumping racket as I shambled across the street. I think I just need to do this every day for a while to get back in shape for the 100 meter slog when classes commence again on 18 January. And then the cross-country hiking when field season starts again, maybe in May.

I had to go to the lab to feed my children, who are all doing quite well, and quite voraciously. I posted a photo of one of the husky young males on Patreon, but for the arachnophobic among you, you shall have to settle for a twig in the snow. It is quite a nice twig, sort of seasonally festive and all that, but sadly lacking spiders. I thought about sneaking in a subtle little Dictynid nestled in the needles, but even they are getting scarce here in Icebox World.


  1. davidc1 says

    Vakenki,have you got the fur hat to go with them?
    On second thoughts,Sami boots would be better .

  2. birgerjohansson says

    If I may go off on a tangent about pathologies…
    Just in: God Awful Movies released an episode about the “comedy” An American Carol.
    Remark:”If an AI had been trained watching all the Airplane movies, and a Hitler speech that had been left at the end of a VHS tape by mistake, it would make this film.”