Hovind gets banned! Hovind rises from the dead! Hovind is still a mindless zombie.

I noticed that Kent Hovind wasn’t posting any videos on YouTube lately — apparently, he’s been banned, for how long I don’t know, but it’s about time. If you’re going to police misinformation on your social media site, Hovind is one of the worst offenders.

Unfortunately, these bannings are just for show and have no teeth to them. For a while, he was getting his videos hosted by Matt Powell (if you don’t know who he is, consider yourself lucky — he’s a young Hovind wanna-be), but now Hovind has created a whole new channel and resumed his cartoonish, ignorant ways. The good news: he has plummeted from having a channel with 190 thousand subscribers and each video getting tens of thousands of views to one where he has fewer than 200 subscribers and his videos get a few hundred views. He’s down in my territory now! Although I suspect he will grow fast as he is rediscovered, at least until he gets banned again.

Sorry, I’m not linking to him, if you must you’ll have to search a bit to find his new, pathetic channel, same as his old, pathetic channel.

He’s still doing his whack-an-atheist schtick, to a much smaller audience, though. His latest target is Emma Thorne, and you will notice…I do link to her. Notice also that he’s still condescendingly stupid, he’s still reciting the same tired cliches (“you believe you came from an amoeba!”), and he’s still totally wrong (no, we didn’t descend from a complex, specialized protist like an amoeba). You don’t need to watch any new Hovind, or Powell, videos — he’s still parroting the same tired lies and jokes he was doing thirty years ago, and he hasn’t learned a thing.


  1. says

    @1 spaceboy
    Same thing I thought. But…
    From Wikipedia:
    At a bench trial in the Connecuh County Courthouse on September 20, 2021, he was found guilty of domestic violence. He was sentenced to one year in jail which would be suspended following 30 days in the county jail to start by October 18, fined $500, and ordered to pay restitution for medical expenses.[188] A request for a retrial was denied, and an appeal triggered a jury trial in the Alabama Circuit Courts.[189]

    White man privilege FTW?

  2. tacitus says

    White man privilege FTW?

    IANAL, but from what I’ve seen others saying about the severity of the sentence, it’s pretty much on a par with similar cases. To be honest, I’m amazed he was found guilty at all, given the audio recording of the incident doesn’t make it clear whose version of events is true, and this is rural Alabama, after all…

    The request for a retrial was rejected because the “A fair trial would not have convicted me.” argument he submitted is not a valid one. The appeal will be held sometime next year, so it could be a while before he spends any time behind bars.

    Frankly, having his entire YouTube archive deleted (you don’t get a chance to download it when your channel is banned) probably stings him more than going to county lockup for 30 days or less will.

  3. Ms Terious says

    Hovind’s main YT channel was suspended for two weeks for posting anti-vaxxer nonsense. He’s back up today with a 30+ year old recording of himself giving a Creationist lecture at a church. It may as well have been last week since he’s still telling the identical lies and using the identical long refuted arguments he used in the 80’s. The revived channel is now undergoing a purge of all the pro-science posters just like Matt Powell does. Most of the pro-science posts in the comments section have now been deleted and I suspect the posters have been banned. It always comes down to that with these dishonest Liars For Jesus.