Birds vs. Spiders

It’s been snowing all day. The birds have been frolicking in my backyard. So I aimed a camera at them and recorded a timelapse video.

I have a sneaky purpose, though. Do bird videos draw in more viewers than spider videos? I’ll let you know in a few days.

Or a few hours. Within 3 hours, a video with just birds in it passes the traffic count accumulated by a spider video over 3 days.

I could just cry.


  1. DrVanNostrand says

    Inspired by this incredibly fascinating experiment, I’m going to do one of my own: Do children prefer chocolate or brussels sprouts? Stay tuned, this could go either way…

  2. aronymous says

    I for one clicked the video because I was expecting some sort of physical competition between birds and spiders. Then maybe a surprise ending where some giant spider would eat a bird, or something.
    Then I watched because I assumed the birds were dropping down and eating spiders off of the nice bare ground. Where were the spiders dropping from? Being from California it took a little while for the snow to shake my delusion.

  3. azpaul3 says

    I could just cry.

    I has feels. But, Bunkie, you know this is what happens to crazy scientists.
    Go ahead and fret, O great nutty one. Then, back to the lab.

  4. davidc1 says

    Phew ,for one minute i thought the Doc was going to show us a video of a giant spider nomming on a poor bird .
    Talking of poor birds ,i have seen a photo of a Preying Mantis with a Hummingbird it had caught .

  5. charley says

    Maybe a timelapse of a web being built (or repaired after an unfortunate accident)? Or of insects getting caught in the web and being wrapped up by the spider? That might get views.

  6. Left Handed Atheist says

    Can you imagine the views if you posted a cat video? Anyway, juncos in the snow video is very soothing, thanks for sharing.

  7. lucifersbike says

    Left Handed Atheist. Can you imagine PZ’s feelings if I posted a video of my cats hunting spiders?