All work and no play makes….

Another addition to my YouTube schedule: Friday night is play time. I’m going to try streaming No Man’s Sky, assuming I can get my streaming software to cooperate.

There are so many people playing this game now that it’ll be hard to add anything new by being yet another streamer, but I’ll try to give some informed biological commentary on the algorithmically generated planets. I can tell you in advance that they have limited success…but it’ll be fun anyway, right?

Oh, also — I’ll plan on doing some creationist bashing on Sunday mornings at 6am my time, look for that announcement later. I’m trying to accommodate all those people in distant time zones, too!


  1. Vreejack says

    I bought this one soon after release, first time it went on sale, probably. It was a mess, but I suspected that it was the kind of game that would see consistent work for several years, and I was right. It has some issues, though, that concern its annoying aesthetic. Modern games typically record things for you in a digital notebook that organizes all your data so that you don’t have to write it all down on little post-it notes. Considering its futuristic setting, NMS should give you an intelligent librarian or secretary AI to remember things for you, like portal numbers. Or remind you of what you were doing the last time you were playing deveral days ago.
    NMS does none of that. You literally have to write down long portal numbers on a piece of paper. Likewise, you have to draw maps on paper like you are playing Wizardry in 1985. I had already discovered a couple of portals before I realized that I had probably lost my way back home because the game does not do something as simple and necessary as keeping a library of your discovered portal numbers. And they designed it this way on purpose. I have not played the game since then.

  2. Walter Solomon says

    Are you going to stream Cyberpunk 2077? I’m sure you can teach some kind of lesson with it.

  3. Vreejack says

    If I recall correctly, you can set up a single directional beacon on a planet, and that serves as your map. That’s it, one reference point on a blank map. I’m not even sure it gives you range, so good luck even drawing a map.

    If they have changed any of this please let me know. This was a design choice they made that just broke the game for me. Lots of other stuff was fascinating and fun, but the absurd removal of convenience features makes no sense to me.

  4. microraptor says

    @3: Don’t spend money on Anything by CD Projekt Red. They’re trnsphobic, the way they treat their employees stands out in a field known for being exploitative, and the game itself is terrible.

  5. says

    I rarely buy games, and I sometimes watch Jim Sterling (one of the more entertaining ranters out there), so that isn’t likely to happen.

  6. nomuse says

    I thought it would have been mentioned by now, but there was the (infamous?) NMSAS ; the No Man’s Sky Archaeological Survey of 2011. From what I heard, they were rather annoyed at trying to get proper coordinate data for recording their finds.

  7. chrislawson says

    I played a few hours of NMS before bailing on it. I hate grinding in games, and the core gameplay was 99% grinding. And this was not the original buggy mess, I bought the game laete 2020.

  8. says

    I leapt through a few galaxies without getting killed. It’s been a few content releases since I’ve checked in on the galaxies.

    Still, if you’re ever assembling an expedition, I’d happ’ly lend a hand, FWiW.

    New species, new species …. new species …. new species ….