The Evo Devo conversation resumes!

I had a productive discussion with Phrenotopian, Jackson Wheat, and Nesslig 20 yesterday, in which I got lots of suggestions for how to make the science content of my YouTube channel more interesting. Now I just have to implement them! Starting on Wednesday!

I’m going to talk about evo-devo again, but with a revised format that allows for more actual discussion. So, on Wednesday at noon Central time, I’m going to fire up Zoom and Keynote and YouTube, all at the same time, and talk about Evolution of Coloration Patterns, a 2008 paper by Meredith Protas and Nipam Patel. You can give me feedback as we go in the chat, but also, if anyone wants to participate directly and put their face/avatar on screen, we can do that, too. Just send me an email, and I might send you a link back if 1) you promise to have read the paper, and 2) you think you have something to say.

I have other changes in mind for the future; maybe I’ll allow voice chat from the FtB Discord at some time. Not yet, though, but I’ll be experimenting.