Just when you think you’ve seen the worst, along comes Crowder

He is a truly vile human being.

YouTube will do nothing about this, because Crowder has 5 million subscribers. That in itself is bizarre — 5 million people watch this unfunny, bigoted hack?


  1. Bruce says

    I think the snarkiest possible response to Crowder’s comment would be to say:
    Yes, it’s true! Jesus did start liberalism.

  2. klatu says

    I was gonna make a Bloodhound Gang joke, but then—in practice—it turned out to be way too much work. So just replace “Mary, Mary!” with “Crowder, Crowder!” whenever you hear that song* and you’ll get the jist.
    *Which is never, because Bloodhound Gang sucked and were never popular or even talented.

    Now I have actually murdered a joke. Good. That WAS on my list.

    “Sweet as a punch!” Fuck, these lyrics are crap. And now I’m stuck with them…

  3. Orion Song says

    The worst part is that youtube is more monopolistic than Facebook. Everyone can use a different social network, but there’s no real alternative to youtube

  4. PaulBC says

    klatu@2 I was going to do The Association’s Along Comes Mary. Bloodhound Gang must be a later cover (same song, right?)

    After thinking of this song as part of a vague cultural backdrop most of my life, I really got into it last year, especially the build-up with the clapping.

    The lyrics are tough to parody because they’re a tongue twister of couplets. Supposedly, “Mary” is pot, not a woman, which sort of makes sense though I am skeptical when every 60s hit has a drug interpretation.


    Sometimes when I think I’ve seen the worst the Net can burst with
    something jumps at me.
    And every now and then I find my mind so sick I click
    on thick depravity.

    Gonna stop there. Too hard!

  5. PaulBC says

    And you may mock me for writing doggerel, but it beats going outside and getting a potentially deadly virus!

  6. wzrd1 says

    There’s one reason that I went through the effort to break the youtube app on my hell phone. Given that the phone is android, that means that it took significant effort, including flummoxing permissions.
    Well, it was that or tossing $800 worth of phone into the pond.
    Fuck Google and other prostituting platforms. Preferably, using a howitzer cleaning system.

    Oddly, the last time I used the word faggot was in its proper definition context, a bundle if sticks, which was filtered on that very platform.
    Spent a day proving that the laws of physics don’t except certain preferred calibers of bullets, but instead the bullets obey those laws over the stupid desires of idiots. Even the mighty .50 BMG round. My back still twinges remembering that day, but doing the math was fun.
    And I had plenty of kindling for the fireplace we used to have.
    After all, pack out your trash!

    For the record, I no longer fire leas based rounds, ecologically unsound. Copper based is much more sound, iron even more so, but creates an overpebetrating hazard that also was mathematically proved.
    No, didn’t upload the video. It was something for the DoD. Otherwise, I’d not wasted my time proving Newton knew a few thing, which was repeatedly proved long before I was born.

  7. Ridana says

    The “Mary Mary” in the BGang’s version is from the Monkees song written by Michael Nesmith. :)

  8. wajim says

    Man, clicked that link and just read that dude’s Twitter feed. These people are fucking nutbags. Talking cracked, sheer madness, delusional happy talk laced with seething hatred. Makes me so happy I never use Facebook or Twitter or any of their ilk. Ugh. Time for a walk around my neighborhood.

  9. IX-103, the ■■■■ing idiot says

    Orion Song@4:
    “The worst part is that youtube is more monopolistic than Facebook. Everyone can use a different social network, but there’s no real alternative to youtube”

    I can’t tell if this is sarcasm or not… It seems like it must be since it posits something where the opposite is clearly true (Facebook wouldn’t be much of a social network if it couldn’t connect users to socialize. Youtube is a video hosting service and there are many of those [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_video_hosting_services]).

  10. says

    You think any of the alternatives are economically viable for content creators? You don’t know much.

    I would say this the definitive crowning moment of Google laying to rest its old “don’t be evil” pledge. They quietly retired it years ago, but this is the clincher – this is the open embrace of naked fascism. Nobody should allow them to forget this moment, nobody should allow them to say black lives matter or rainbow-wash anything ever again.

    So fucking tiring.

  11. John Morales says

    @PZ, re #15.

    That account has been spamming somewhat sparsely over recent threads in recent days.
    I think you will like about as much as I, or perhaps less, and so hopefully draw it to your attention.

  12. Orion Song says

    All of those video hosting services have different content in them. That beautiful pikmin and mario crossover fan animation I found on youtube could not be found on vimeo or daily motion.

    Also, I never said Facebook couldn’t connect users to socialize. I said that there were other sites you could use for that since Facebook has had its own list of controversies.

    …Okay so this link include a bunch of stuff that I wouldn’t exactly count. Examples I wanted to cite are twitter, myspace, Discord, Diaspora, and Mastodon

  13. voidhawk says

    #7 Oddly, the last time I used the word faggot was in its proper definition context, a bundle if sticks, which was filtered on that very platform.

    Nah, the proper definition is the British foodstuff, a meatball made of pork , stuffing and offal.

  14. PaulBC says

    voidhawk@18 I remember seeing Mr Brains’ Pork Faggots in the supermarket when I was staying in the UK in the late 90s. Somehow even the promise of “rich West country sauce” wasn’t enough to make it sound appealing.

    (I did eat a lot of crumpets, which were cheap and plentiful. They’re hard to find here. Trader Joe’s sells them but they’re expensive and still don’t seem exactly the same.)