Traditions, adapted

Every year, UMM has a haunted barn attraction on campus for Halloween, with spooky decorations and a few jump scares. That’s impractical in the era of a pandemic, but I’m still happy to see they’ve just modified it a bit. Wear a mask, get a tour, maintain social distancing.

Most importantly, visit the beautiful horses.

(Yes, we have a stable on campus. It’s a good place for spiders, too.)


  1. Samuel Vimes says

    “Come see the strange scruffy man that lurks around the stables putting spiders in jars!
    – Where does he disappear to at night?
    – What does he do with the spiders? Eat them or train them to do his evil bidding?
    – Do not engage with the strange man. He will talk your ear off about spiders.
    – We warned you.


  2. steve78b says

    I know where you can find a stable genius!

    May be able to tell which end of a horse is which.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    We had working horses on the farm where I grew up, great for work in forests. And good company. Unlike some humans.
    That reminds me, include zombie Koch brothers as scary attractions.

  4. birgerjohansson says

    Animatronic Republicans! Stephen Miller and the whole Trump family skulking around the barn and trying to infect you.
    Mitch McConnell with glowing red eyes going “braaainss”.

  5. jrkrideau says

    OT but I thought this was interesting. Arachnophobic Entomologists: When Two More Legs Makes a Big Difference,” Richard S. Vetter, American Entomologist, vol. 59, no. 3, 2013, pp. 168-175.

  6. Kagehi says

    Meanwhile, in Lake Magatsu, Airheadzona the mayor has decided that the massive crowded, crappy, main street candy give out, by local businesses, because all he has cared about during the whole thing has been whether or not his own businesses keep making money (and, I suppose, everyone elses too), is back on – this after most of the people in town had, due to it being shut down originally, decided to buy candy and decorations to do the more traditional “at home” give outs….