1. Mobius says

    I was just listening to a podcast from VOX. They claimed that Harris was the second most liberal senator, or at least in the top 5. Even to the left of Sanders.

  2. whheydt says

    It probably helps to remember, not only the original musical, but also that the Kennedy White House was referred to as “Camelot.”

    I especially like the line about how she can make a grown man cry.

  3. birgerjohansson says

    Kamala Harris is a competent politician, but she would never, ever have been picked if she was seen as a threat to the status quo.
    I suggest you regard Biden-Harris the way the British viewed Churchill during WWII: the best one to do the job (defeating fascists) but once the war was won, they promptly dumped him.
    The disgusting attacks on Harris by the MAGA cult shows they are all channeling Lee Atwater.
    Unfortunately we have recently seen proof establishment Democrats are implicated in the smear campaign against progressive Alex Morse, even if they tried to distance themselves. Never forget they channel Lee Atwater, too.

  4. naturalcynic says

    And we have a Mordred whose knights [QAnon] now sing with glee Fie on Goodness
    <iOh, fie on virtue, fie
    Fie on mercy, fie
    Fie on justice
    Fie on goodness
    Fie, fie, fie, fie

  5. nomuse says

    I was working as the house tech hosting a high school production of “Fiddler” when Obama was first elected. They sung that one to the tune of, “Tradition!”

    Not making any comparison or dire predictions, just take it in the spirit of optimism meant.

  6. says

    “They claimed that Harris was the second most liberal senator, or at least in the top 5. Even to the left of Sanders.”

    The Sanders like leftism is a class thing. If vox counted as left all the identity-politics shenaningans than maybe she seems “left” but not in a sense bernie supporters understand leftism.
    Also Harris’s record is not a reliable one – you can claim she voted for Bernie’s medicare plan but it lasted only till her first meeting with her donors. She is at the same time lauded as progressive DA and is known to keep people in jail because prison industry needed slave labor. She will happily prosecute parents of truant children and people who smoked a joint, but was very lenient on Steve Mnuchin when his bank was guilty of early foreclosures.
    So if you pick and choose you can pretend Harris is progressive or that she is a neoliberal technocratic lackey of Big Tech.
    Obama decided that Kamala is perfect to keep his legacy in democratic party – equally fake progressive but neoliberal at heart, fond of big tech and government spying with diversity credentials. At the same time there is no risk she can overshadow him.

  7. Kagehi says

    The thing that annoyed me, given some of my recent online reading, and view points, was that she is all “pro-women”, but was one of the Dems who willingly voted, without bothering to check facts, or consider consequences, to vote for the “anti-trafficking” bills that even cops hated, because they increased the number of trafficked women, by killing online groups that helped them stay independent, and/or find clients, AND undermined their ability to actually find traffickers.

    I really, really, don’t like people who crusade, instead of listening to the people they are pretending to help, who have told people like Kamala, for decades, “This is not a workable solution to our problems!”, but some people can’t help but charge forward, certain in their “own” assumptions about how to fix problems, while ignoring everyone telling them it won’t work, or will make things worse.

  8. pipefighter says

    Ok, so we clearly didn’t learn from 2016. I’m not looking forward to another trump term.

  9. Kagehi says

    Didn’t learn what pipefighter? We all disliked her wishy washy BS, but never the less voted for Hillary, Trump LOST, but then the electoral college gave it to him, despite the majority of actual voters saying, “No.” The college did this, in part, because during the Obama administration vast numbers of Republicans managed to win power, through sheer lies, then used that power to rig the f-ing distribution of voters, and also messing with elections (among other things), in order to sway the odds in his favor. He still only “barely” squeaked by, but he did, and it lies entirely in the fact that the system has never been fixed, because, as much as I hate to say it, “both” parties find it useful to let “electoral” delegates decide the outcome, instead of getting rid of the, now blindingly obviously bad, system – because, usually, it benefited them.

    No one here, at least no one that took the election seriously, was going, “Gosh.. We won’t vote for the craptastic pick form the Dems.” Trump was simply the most horrific of what should have been a police line up, filled with people holding number signs, all of whom where running on platforms that where terrifying in one way or anther.

    Yeah, you know what we did learn? The Democratic party still doesn’t give a crap about actually “fixing” any of this nations problems, just getting back into power, and are willing to pick the most lackluster, and barely liberal at all, options, to do this. And, once again, we will have to vote for two people that should have never been picked for the position while the GOP does everything it can, again, to fuck us over, rig the election, and undermine the outcome.

    Someplace in there I would argue that we should be f-ing learning that, “Badly adequate to stave off disaster.”, is both a) not adequate, and b) a single slip up from complete failure. But no.. We get lectures about how we shouldn’t be “worried” about how bad these people are, the consequences of them being elected, the long term results of always picking the “lesser evil”, because, so long as we keep bowing to that necessity, instead of finding a way to shatter it, the choice will always be between evils, and we will never actually succeed in electing someone that is bloody worthy of the position, instead of merely, “Better than the other guy.”

    I am not, at all, impressed that, in this case, the result is, “vastly better than the other guy.”, because, to be frank, this is literally like starting out with clean water, having something like Flint happen to it, then being told that your “choices” are between someone that will keep pumping the same stuff into the water, leaving it completely undrinkable, or a guy that can sell you a filter, which will remove 80% of the poison, so you are only at risk of half as many cancers, and dying at 60, instead of 40. I mean, that is, “vastly better”, right?

    So, yeah, in the “short term” we end up buying the “filter”. But.. I for one do not think its too much to ask that, in the long term, WE GET THE CLEAN WATER AGAIN. Or, in case you are missing the point, that we either bury both parties so deep that even a fantasy necromancer can’t revive them, or we fix the problem, instead of just voting to keep things from getting increasingly worse, every single flipping election.

  10. pipefighter says

    I understand all of that. I also understand that they rallied around a guy who has elsewhere his brain is supposed to be and sooner or later he’s going to have to speak in a hostile environment. The tactic keeping him in the basement so people don’t know how much he has deteriorated and instead vote based on their memories of him will no longer work. As for Kamala, she started the primaries as a media darling and crashed and burned by the time the first votes were cast. This will fail horribly.

  11. Kagehi says

    Yeah. The level of shear myopia shown by “both” parties the last two elections has been.. lets just say that they are not quite blind cave fish yet, but…

  12. says

    it’s time to jump ship and focus on the community level races and dual power stuff.

    The dems have shown that they want to be repubs 2.0, and are platforming anti-abortion extremists like fucking Kasich, and are being rather clear about what their opinion on the police protests are, when they chose a fucking cop who got splattered in the primary for their VP.

  13. rrhain says

    Hmmm…the most liberal agenda since FDR paired with the most liberal Senator currently in office, even more liberal than Bernie Sanders, and we’re still upset.

    The DNC changed the rules to benefit Sanders, and he still can’t manage to get more than 30% of the vote. And we’re still upset.

    Once again we have proof that the two parties are not in any way the same, and we still get “both sides.”

    And let’s not forget the quite blatant racism involved. Biden won because the Black vote came out for him. The Millennials are the second largest voting group in the nation behind the Boomers, 26% to 28%. If they had teamed up with the Gen X/Yers, Sanders could have had this easy. After all, he won the Black vote for those under 40 and make no mistake: The Black vote is the core of the Democratic party. No Democratic candidate for President has won the White vote for the past 50 years. This despite Democrats having won 5 of the last 6 elections. The only way the Democrat gets into the White House is when the Black vote comes out to cancel the Whites.

    But as is common, the younger voters didn’t show up. The youth vote is actually DOWN this cycle.

    So I have to ask: Why would any candidate court the vote of a constituency that won’t show up to vote?

    Let me repeat it for those who didn’t hear: Biden won the nomination because the Black vote came out to vote for him.

    Are you seriously saying that the DNC is run by Blacks? That Blacks hold the power in this society? That they are the “establishment”?

    And remember, Sanders just endorsed Biden, just like he endorsed Clinton last time. If you think he’s such a smart candidate, why aren’t you listening to him now? Why can’t you show your support for Sanders by respecting his decision?

    The most liberal agenda since FDR and the most liberal Senator in office.

    And we’re still claiming that they’re “the same.”

  14. rrhain says

    By the by…I wouldn’t be too enamored with Randy Rainbow given his viciously racist past. He’s doing his best to delete his Twitter history, but the Internet is forever:

    Gay Lesson #86: 2 slices of pizza can’t take the place of a man, but the fat black woman sitting next to me on the train just peed herself.

    In honor of MLK Day, last night I HAD A DREAM: Natalie Portman & I were eating Blizzards at Dairy Queen. You’re welcome, black people

    This snow is like all the guys I sleep with: Looks all white & pretty now but by morning it’ll seem more Hispanic & my wallet will be gone.

    Yeah, good on him for calling out Trump, but he’s got his own past to reckon with and explain.