Anyone up for a group minecraft session?

Hey! Sitosis, the free minecraft server, just generated a new map, with spawn right on top of a village. It looks like an interesting map!

I’ve jumped in, built a boat, and sailed northeast to stake out a little shack at 230, -605. If you want join me in the neighborhood, great! Let me know when anyone would like to do a group session, maybe we can coordinate something.


  1. garysturgess says

    It looks like you have to whitelist players; I’ve left you my username on Discord but it’s “gazza667”.

  2. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach says

    I remember good times on Sitosis back in the day. But I’ve lost access to the Java version somehow. I’m playing Bedrock these days on a realm I set up for the gf’s kids. On VR too! Crazy how the feel changes when the creeper looks as big as you are. Have fun PZ! Maybe this time don’t make a farm that lags out the server by the sheer number of animals.

  3. lunabasch says

    I recently started helping review applications at Sitosis. It’s not my server either; I just volunteer to do some of the Admin stuff. I’m really happy to see people showing interest in joining! If your application was declined, I invite you to carefully read all the guidelines on the website (, and please re-apply if you think you forgot something ;)

  4. says

    I used to play on this server many moons ago. Was a very chill server and the other players seemed very nice. I’m on too many other servers at the moment or I’d come back. Or maybe I should? Hmm….
    Either way, I’d recommend for others for sure.

  5. garysturgess says

    @lunabasch, sorry to ping you here but not sure where else to go: I have created my account, but it doesn’t seem to be sending me a confirmation email (gazza667 is the account name). I’ve tried the resend several times, and checked my spam folder – doesn’t seem to be happening.

  6. Hj Hornbeck says

    garysturgess @7:

    I had the same happen to me; I never got a confirmation email after applying to the forum, and when I sent an email to the admin account I got a bounce message from a different account. Nobody was replying. Then, earlier today, I spotted someone had added me to the whitelist! Give it some time, and carefully read the application instructions.

    My plan is to gather supplies in the village, the strike out for two days to the East. If a mountain is in sight, I’ll beeline there, if not I’ll continue East until one pops up.

  7. lunabasch says

    @garysturgess: there’s one thing I’m supposed to check in the “reason you want to join” field to verify that new applicants have read the rules. I see several applicants who have forgotten/missed it though, and I probably don’t need to be so strict about it. You can verify it here if you want (hint: it’s in guideline number 4 in the link I sent before)

  8. lunabasch says

    @garysturgess, it looks like gazza667 was whitelisted back in 2018 (according to the forum). As far as I know, the whitelist does not get purged. Try logging in to the server and see if it works.

  9. garysturgess says

    @lunabasch I knew I’d signed up before, but I considered it possible that I never confirmed the email address. I definitely get the “you are not whitelisted on this server” message on MC though.

    Never mind – thanks for your help anyway.

  10. chigau (違う) says

    It’s like reading instructions translated from Japanese to English by someone who reads only Basque.

  11. tinkerer says

    Hi lunabasch

    I’m confused, or maybe I’m just thick! I thought that I had to register for the forum first and then apply to join the server on the forum. I registered just entering basic information but received no confirmation email for verification. Now I’m wondering whether I should have done all the haiku stuff and other requirements on the forum registration page. Minecraft username Elbows1

    Thanks in advance, appreciate your efforts.

  12. lunabasch says

    @tinkerer and others who may be reading this who registered on the Sitosis forum: I think I see the confusion now. The registration to the forum IS the application to the Minecraft server. There is no separate confirmation email. All applications get hand-reviewed by staff and if you are accepted/whitelisted, then you get an automatically generated email and you can start logging in to the forum as well as the server.

    I also want to make sure to clarify: I just volunteer to help review the applications/whitelist accepted players. Since I am not the server owner and I have only recently taken on this extra role, I don’t feel comfortable making other changes to the forum (e.g. to send out confirmation emails).

    That being said: if you recently (in the last 2 days or so) registered to the Sitosis forum and you have not received an acceptance email, I invite you to re-register, this time including all the information you would have put in the server application :)

  13. garysturgess says

    @lunabasch Out of interest, how does one “re-register”? Until you intervened for me (thank you for that!) I couldn’t see a way to delete my existing registration, and if I tried to register again it said that my email was already in use (presumably because of my existing registration).

  14. lunabasch says

    It should allow everyone who had that misunderstanding to re-register now. If a registration request is waiting in the queue, it looks like the forum software does not allow a duplicate request. All should be working now. Sorry for any confusion!

  15. Kagehi says

    Only wish vanilla minecraft had a better way to filter items. Almost nothing, from just keeping “sane” track of stuff you pick up, to any kind of automation, is madness without one, but redstone+hopper based sorters have a terrible tendency to explode if you don’t let them finish, and the chunk unloads, then reloads. Which.. since it takes time for all that stuff to get through the system, especially if you just dumped a mess of stuff you picked up some place in, and plan to go back out again, means you have to bloody stay there anyway, and you might as well have never freaking built the thing, instead of just a wall of chests.

    Ah well. Think I am going to pass, in any case.

  16. Alt-X says

    Hi lunabasch I’ve filled in the forum appliction (haiku and all) my user name is Hellcules thx

  17. lunabasch says

    @applicants to Sitosis: I want to move away from doing tech support on this thread. If your application has been approved, you’ll get an automatically-generated welcome email and you can begin logging in to the forum. If there are any technical difficulties (e.g. you were not successfully added to the whitelist), please post on the Sitosis forum instead.