She’s ready for her closeup

This shy cat-faced spider is roosting in the eves of our house, in an awkward little corner that requires me to climb a ladder and twist and crane my neck to get a good look, and even then it’s tricky to maneuver my camera into a good position. So I had an idea.

Here she is in her safe space, where it’s exceeding difficult to get her portrait.

My cunning plan: I put a mealworm in her giant orb web that was hanging down below, and she was on target lickety-split for that, and conveniently lined herself up for a closeup.

Isn’t she pretty? Araneus gemmoides if you want to get formal with her.


  1. stroppy says

    Looks like you’ve got a handle on the photography. I’m not getting how come “cat-faced” though.

    Reminds me I haven’t checked out Maru videos in a while, so I’ll do that.


  2. says

    She’s got two pointy lumps on her abdomen, that if her legs weren’t in the way, would look like cat ears in this shot.

  3. magistramarla says

    This cat lover checked this picture out expecting her face to look like that of a cat. Wish we could see her abdomen.
    She is a nice-looking spider, though.

  4. weylguy says

    What the hell does this creature need leg spikes for? It’s just overkill, and pure evil.

  5. marcoli says

    I am familiar with this species. We’d call them “barn spiders”. Lovely animals.