Emesis alert

Ugh. “Spirituality”. Another excuse to grift. This white doofus claims to “channel” the spirit of George Floyd, and that he’s telling everyone to stop fighting for civil liberties, and all lives matter.

You won’t be able to watch it now, though: she shut it down in the face of all the criticism that was pouring in. But if you want a taste anyway, here’s one of her videos. She claims to “channel” a group of powerful supernatural beings call the Entity James, which means she just talks at a camera and pretends to have authority from beyond. You don’t need to watch more than a minute or two to get a mouthful of bullshit.

What. A. Phony.


  1. lakitha tolbert says

    And how incredibly convenient that “his” message seems to totally fall in line with those very things that white,cishet, middle class people like her, seem to want the most, which is for Black people to shut the hell up, sit down, and offer love and forgiveness to their oppressors.
    How lovely!

  2. says

    Heck. At least J. Z. Knight does a weird voice when she channels her imaginary being “Ramtha.” Carol Collins can’t be bothered with such fripperies with “James.” But perhaps she’s settling for a less demanding clientele because it’s easier this way and they pay their fees (or “love offerings”) anyway.

  3. stwriley says

    The word you’re looking for to describe this Collins creature is “ghoul”. She’s perfectly willing to feed on the dead and suck as much sustenance (i.e., profit) as she can from the corpse. She’ll regurgitate the message she thinks will best achieve that goal from the people she spews her drivel to, in this case a message that they really don’t need to feel guilty or uncomfortable about their privilege. As with any such monster, she should be shunned for the parasite she is.

  4. Mark says

    I channel an entity named Sagan through my middle finger, and he has a special message for Carol. Sagan says some people have no shame, dignity, respect, or empathy, and they need to sequester themselves from civilized society. Where are the witch hunters when you need them?

  5. nomdeplume says

    Americans seem particularly, though not uniquely, susceptible to this kind of garbage.

  6. Pierce R. Butler says

    “The Entity James and The Collective” – sounds like a good name for a bad band.

  7. gyreandgimble says

    Hilarious to listen to the first couple minutes. Hard to believe people fall for this.

  8. birgerjohansson says

    About spirituality: Samantha Bee recently said about 2020 “…the year when God said he was going for cigarettes and never came back”.
    BTW I am waiting for Trump to hire a “witchfinder general” to find people that have sold their souls to the devil. And that will -by sheer coincidence- be people who disagrees with him.

  9. birgerjohansson says

    Template for revelations;
    I just got a message to God. He said I am his prophet and you should all pay tithe to me.

  10. lochaber says

    So, I’m looking at some asshole determined and deliberately killing someone by kneeling on their neck, for nearly 10 minutes, ignoring protestations of bystanders and pleas of the victim, his three buddies who stood by or even helped.

    And then I’m looking at what can be over-simplified as a bunch of people saying “don’t do that”

    And now this fraud is talking about “hate”, ending suffering, and we are supposed to be critical of those saying “don’t do that”!? What the hell is wrong with people…

  11. rx808 says

    Well, Ms. Collins…uh, I mean, Mr. Floyd is it? Carol Anne? The James? If “civil liberties are not what we need to be fighting for”…then what shall we fight for?

    Are our fights over?

    Shall we wait?

    Are you saying that “civil liberties” (which, btw, seems a particularly minimizing way to say “We’d like cops to stop executing black people”) are just not worth fighting for?

    Is that it?

    Bah. “Stop kicking. You should be grateful for what you have been allowed to have right now. There will be pie in the sky…after you die”

  12. says

    Man, I saw Entity James and The Collective open for Sonic Youth back in the 90’s, and they were great. A shame they’ve got this new lead singer.

    I also first read the headline as “Carol Channing is George Floyd” which made me wonder how that would work. She was a good actress, but her range wasn’t that great, and she’s also been dead for a year.

  13. Frederic Bourgault-Christie says

    I sure bet that civil liberties (not rights, liberties) were something that George Floyd opposed. It isn’t like they are practically good by definition.

    What odds we willing to give that she herself has the same misunderstanding of what civil liberties are?