How the repulsive have fallen

Poor Milo Yiannopoulos is struggling. He’s been whining on the few social media sites left to him that he’s not getting enough love money.

Tragic. Also revealing.

All he had was social capital acquired not by talent or knowledge or intelligence or wit, but by being an obnoxious provocateur. Take that away, and he’s got nothing. The entire foundation for his existence collapses.

I have this feeling that much of the internet is working this way, as a kind of pyramid scheme. You produce nothing, you have no discernable skills, but you recruit a massive downline on promises and illusions, you reap the benefits as long as you can, and eventually, your acolytes move on to the next big thing, or turn on you, and you’ve got nothing but a collection of pretty instagram pictures and an unsavory reputation. This is how religions (and atheist evangelists, sorry to say) work, gathering followers with noise and promises, and hoping no one discovers the hollow space where your brain should be.

A suggestion to everyone who aspires to social media fame and fortune: have a backup skill. If you don’t, salt away as much cash as you can at the height of your glory, because this too shall pass, and there will come a day when you cry on the internet that the money you feel entitled to isn’t flowing as it once did.

And you will look pathetic.


  1. asclepias says

    Awww, poor Milo. I can’t imagine what it must be like to live from paycheck to paycheck…oh, wait, yes I can.

  2. mamba says

    I remember watching a Q&A presentation from DanTDM (a youtuber for games…it’s really all you need to know), and in the audience, someone asked him “What do you think you’d be doing if the internet didn’t exist?”

    His reaction was telling…silence for a good 30-40 seconds, like it never even occurred to him. He then rambled an answer along the lines of “I’m not sure, probably trying for TV slots…gaming magazines if any exist, that kind of thing”, but in reality, he knew at that moment he had NO other skills to offer as an alternative. Even his back-up plan was “what I’m doing now somehow translated to a different medium”.

    They really have to realize just how fickle their “fame” really is.

  3. says

    I have purchased “followers” on Twitter, just to demonstrate how easy it is. One thing I noticed was that there was absolutely zero attempt to authenticate that I was purchasing the followers for myself, rather than someone else. I guess what I’m getting at is I’m wondering if it’d be amusing to buy Milo 50,000 followers, but the platform might ban an account for doing that.

  4. Porivil Sorrens says

    I like that his brainworms are so deep that after losing everything to the whims of big corporations and the withdrawn support of his conservative sugar daddies, he’ll just come out of this blaming sjws and leftists.

  5. says

    My favourite, and I can’t stress “FAVOURITE” enough, thing about this is Milo whining about how Gab is relentlessly, exhaustingly hostile and he can’t post without racist mobs calling him names.

    His complete lack of irony and self-awareness, the brain-jarring hypocrisy of that, is so astounding that monuments need to be built to it.

  6. PaulBC says

    Didn’t this happen in an original Star Trek episode? Now that his minions have stopped believing will he reveal his monstrous pock-marked self before shriveling? The desperate cry for support has some of that.

  7. PaulBC says

    This one.

    KIRK: Not always, Milo. Not this time. You can’t hide from them. They see you as we see you. They know what you are. Even the children learn.
    MILO: You are my future generals. Together we can raise armies of followers. Go to your posts! The first great victories are upon us. You will see. We have millions of friends on Marcos Twelve. We shall exterminate all who oppose us! Our purity of purpose cannot be contaminated by those who disagree, who will not co-operate, who do not understand. They must be annihilated.
    (But now the children are crying.)
    KIRK: Don’t be afraid. Look at him. Without you children, he’s nothing. The evil remains within him.
    (Milo becomes ugly.)
    MILO: I command you! I command you! To your posts! Carry out your duties, or I will destroy you! You will be swept aside to make way for the strong.
    KIRK: Look how ugly he really is. Look at him and don’t be afraid.

  8. robro says

    I can’t wait to no longer hear anything from or about Milo ever again. But I’ll give him credit for one thing: It’s just not a good use of his time to be publicly annoying people to pad his ego or his bank account. Perhaps he could get a job.

  9. lotharloo says

    This is why when someone like Milo comes to your town or your university, you should ignore them, and you should not counter protest them. They are not looking to “meet their fans”, they are not looking for anything substantive. They are hoping they can provoke someone for internet clips, internet fame, and to get more followers.

  10. HawkAtreides says

    mamba @#4:

    There’s a big difference between a YouTuber having to say “well, I’d be hosed if the entire infrastructure that creates the possibility for me to have a platform were gone” and Milo. Milo’s “brand” exists solely as jumping on provocative right-wing “movement” bandwagons and pretending to be their champion until the group turns on him or he gets bored. He was Nazi-adjacent if not an outright Neo-Nazi in his youth, launched himself to fame jumping on GamerGate, pretended to be a mouthpiece for the alt-right until the Nazis in the group decided that a self-hating gay Catholic with self-proclaimed Jewish ancestry and a black SO wasn’t an acceptable token spokesperson, and thus began his dwindling relevance until now he’s mostly just an edgelord who talks about how “dangerous” he is while providing nothing of substance beyond affirming the beliefs of the other edgelords who still follow him. Even some of his most vocal supporters during the height of GamerGate are pretending now/recently that they didn’t really know much about him during the times they supported him, or whitewashing his history to whitewash their own by extension.

  11. nomdeplume says

    It would be nice to think that the end of Milo, coming with a whimper, signals the end of the age of contrarians, but Fox, and Facebook, and Twitter, and money from billionaires will ensure that useful idiots will continue to flourish.

  12. PaulBC says


    🎶This is the ending of the Age of Contrarians, Age of Contrarians… Contrariaaaaaans… ContRARiaaaaaans…🎶

    Sadly no, but now I have the blasted song stuck in my head.

  13. PaulBC says

    I’m happy that everyone is so confident this is the last of Milo, but I’ve been disappointed before. I guess we’ll find out.

  14. chrislawson says


    That’s not quite the story. The alt-right/Neo-Nazi groups were always happy with Milo because he gave them an excuse to say “see, even gay Jews agree with us.” He was a very useful idiot. What tanked his popularity was publicly defending paedophilia.

  15. wzrd1 says

    @14, You see, Milo, it isn’t fear, respect or love that we feel for you, it’s the worst thing we could feel toward you.

    Although the posting times were rather entertaining. Six minutes of not receiving instant gratification. Precisely like a small child, complete with threatening to take his toys and go home.

  16. HawkAtreides says

    chrislawson @23 –
    To be fair, the “story” was told largely from the perspective of people who reported on the most public face of the alt-right – the stupid events where “dapper” fash would make “ironic” Nazi references and people believed that it was just being “provocative”. There were hardliners who rejected him before the pedo statements blew up, saying that a (pick one or more of) gay, Catholic, part-Jewish, race-mixing, non-American had no right whatsoever to speak for the alt-right. He was a Useful Idiot for the ones who sold or bought into the lie that the alt-right was just trolling and memes, but a lot of the ones who weren’t pretending that their salutes were “Roman” didn’t exactly entirely love him – I literally saw the aforementioned backlash starting the day his “What is the alt-right?” piece went up on Breitbart. The pedophilia statements were what got much of the remainder to turn on him, and in some cases it’s because he said the quiet part loud there too. I personally saw people say they were no longer supporting him after that because he was getting the attention of the “thought police”, which was largely code for “they’re going to start digging into us now and I don’t want them looking too hard at me“.

  17. OptimalCynic says

    ” suggestion to everyone who aspires to social media fame and fortune: have a backup skill. If you don’t, salt away as much cash as you can at the height of your glory, because this too shall pass”

    That’s what Grant Thompson, “King of Random” on Youtube did. Figured out that he couldn’t sustain what the social media bubble required so he shifted into more of a producer/facilitator role. He didn’t want his kids to grow up with their dad being “that guy on youtube we never see in real life”.

    Sadly ironic in the end.